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Hardwood Flooring or Carpet?

Beautiful Wooden FloorWooden flooring and carpet are two of the most commonly used floor coverings within our homes. Both carpet and hardwood floors have various characteristics which make them suitable for a range of living environments.

When you fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of both of these materials, you are much more able to make an informed choice about whether or not either covering is suitable for the environment you hope to use it in.



Soft to the touch

One of the main reasons people buy carpet (apart from the reduced cost) is the fact it feels lovely when you walk on it bare foot. It creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere and really high quality carpet can be extremely soft and luxurious to touch.


Generally carpet will be warmer to walk on, especially in winter. Although you can get underfloor heating with some engineered hardwood floors, carpet can be a cheaper option for creating warmth as it naturally insulates a room.


It is comfortable

Carpets are soft and warm, and so naturally are lovely to stand and sit on. So if you have small children who like to sit and play on the floor, a carpet will be naturally more comfortable for them than hardwood.


It is cheaper

Carpet in general is usually cheaper than hardwood flooring. And although you might need to replace the carpet eventually, you can prolong it’s life by taking proper care of it.



Wooden floors can be slippery whereas carpet is not.


Noise reduction

Lots of people don’t like wooden floor tiles because they can be loud. With age they may become squeaky and when they are used in the upstairs of a house footsteps can often be easily heard from downstairs. Carpets create padding for footsteps so a lot less noise is created when they are used.


Hardwood flooring


An impressive floor

Hardwood flooring is incredibly beautiful when laid properly and often looks much more chic and impressive than a carpet. It gives off an expensive and luxurious vibe, because it is a high quality natural material, and every single surface will be unique because no two wooden floors are exactly the same. Depending on which type of wood you choose, and the finish you opt for, hardwood can create a really powerful effect and atmosphere when it is combined with excellent interior design.


Easy to clean

It is near enough impossible to truly clean a carpet once it has become dirty. Dirt may not be visible on the surface, but can seep into the base fibres of the carpet permanently. Dust and tiny bacteria are attracted to the carpet fibres and debris like hair can become tangled within it. Hardwood floor tiles are considerably easier to clean, despite the fact they are generally still porous (sometimes even after they have been varnished). The surface is easy to wipe or mop clean and there are minimum places for dust and dirt particles to hide, so it’s much easier in regard to maintenance, long term.


Great for people with allergies

Carpet fibres naturally attract dust and allergens, so anyone living in a space with a carpet will be affected in some way by this, particularly if they have any allergies. Whenever you walk across a carpeted area millions of dust particles are released into the air you breathe. With a hardwood floor it only takes a mop or sweep to remove dust and debris and you can visibly see that the particles and dust have been removed successfully.



When a hardwood floor is well maintained it can last for an extremely long time, sometimes hundreds of years. When you invest in a carpet you will inevitably need to replace it regularly as it becomes worn over time. The fact that hardwood flooring lasts so much longer than carpet means that although it might cost more initially, it’s a better investment long term.


It can be brought back to life

Sometimes a hardwood floor will become stained, dented or worn but it can then be brought back to life with refinishing. Re-sanding the wood and then re-staining it and re-polishing it means you could make your hardwood floor look like new again. Depending on the depth of the wood, you could potentially refinish it several times before you need to replace it.


It is versatile

There are endless types, colours and finishes of wooden flooring so you can find a type of wood suitable for any room.


It is ECO friendly

Carpet is often made from petroleum by-products which is not environmentally friendly. Hardwood floors are a natural product and can be sourced from a sustainable company.

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