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Splashbacks are a must have to protect the walls of your kitchen from water damage. Traditionally tiles were always used in this location, but recently there has been a trend for other materials to be used as splashbacks too.

Why Choose Tiles For Your Kitchen Splashback?

kitchen imageGlass, aluminium and other products have become popular choices for kitchen splashbacks in some homes in the UK, but we think the traditional tile still rules. Here’s why.

Low maintenance

Tiles are non-porous, so they won’t stain or absorb any liquids or smells. The surface is smooth, making it easy to clean with a sponge from day to day, or with a specialist cleaner for a more deep clean. Worries about maintaining the colours of grout lines have been dealt with, thanks to a number of easy to use grout cleaning products that are available in high street stores and online.

High durability

Tiles are a product that have been designed to last a lifetime. Resistant to scratches (unlike glass), resilient against heat and strong enough to stand up to many years of use and abuse, the tile is an investment you’ll only need to make once. Because of the way they are installed, tiles can move with the natural movement of the house, meaning they won’t buckle or break if your walls flex a little over the years.

Best on a budget

You can spend a fortune on tiles, or you can spend very little. When it comes to a splashback, there are not many tiles required, so you can easily get the job done within your budget, no matter how tight. Of course, if you’ve got some spare pennies, you can extend the options for colour and style with a slightly bigger investment.

So many styles

You really can pick and choose your style of tile to suit your home and kitchen. With so many combinations of colours, materials and finishes, you are sure to find something that suits your kitchen design just perfectly. High gloss kitchen cupboards can be accentuated with high gloss splashback tiles, or a cosy kitchen can enjoy some country style with a selection of gorgeously illustrated splashback tiles.

Mosaics are highly popular right now, but installing a mosaic on your wall, even in a small area like the splashback, is a time consuming and demanding job. However, if you fancy the look of mosaics but without all the grief, there are a wide range of mosaic designs available to choose from, which use a mesh to hold the design together straight out of the box. Once you’ve covered the gaps with grout, nobody will know you didn’t do it all yourself!


So there you have it. The versatile tile is the perfect choice for your splashback needs, especially if you are looking for something stylish and durable which won’t break the bank. From your floors to your walls to your splashback, investing in tiles is always going to be money well spent, and a choice that will last you a lifetime.

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