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Maybe it’s a result of the long recession we have recently emerged from (technically the recession ended 2 years ago but it’s only just starting to feel like it to most people now) but there is a growing trend in interior design to be more environmentally friendly and to recycle or upcycle in our homes where possible. So here are some great ways to upcycle household items.

Ways to Upcycle In Your Home

If you have not noticed this trend yet just take a look at some of the companies selling upcycled items – trash turned into something beautiful – some charge sky-high prices for their creations. If you’re creative yourself, you can avoid these expensive shops and create pieces of environmentally friendly art yourself that will be totally unique.


Use plumbing pipe as a towel rack


Why not source a bit of industrial looking piping and attach it to the wall as a feature towel rack. If you have black or grey floor tiles it will create a very modern industrial feel and best of all, it’s usually very cheap or even free.


Use broken wall tiles or floor tiles to create art


Don’t just throw away broken tiles, it would be such a waste! Why not create some crazy paving in the garden? Or make a wall mosaic? You could even decorate a jar with them and create a beautiful candle holder.


Pile up your books to make a table!


You’ll need to make sure you get your dimensions right, but books can make an incredibly beautiful and unique table or desk if they are stacked right! Don’t forget to make them stable by wiring them together.


Fill old candle holders with pretty things


Don’t just throw away an old glass candle holder once the candle has burnt out, reuse it! Why not fill it with conkers, lavender or crushed autumn leaves. Be creative, they make a beautiful table centrepiece when they’re filled with lovely things.


Any item can host a plant!


Lots of people have been drilling holes into tins, phones, radios and even old TV’s to turn them into super-cool techno plant pots. So if you want a unique home for your cactus, why not reuse an old appliance and make it work as a plant pot. The end result could look like a slice of post-apocalyptic Britain, like on films where you see everything is overgrown and the plants have grown over everything we once used but you might well be surprised how beautiful that can look.


Pallet furniture


Old wooden pallets can be turned into tables and furniture really easily because of their shape. They are usually free or cost a very small amount and you can easily treat them, paint them and create furniture out of them both indoors and outdoors.




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