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Any home renovation can be expensive if you want it to be, but with a little effort, research and creativity it can also be very inexpensive and provide you with a unique look and style in your home.

5 Tips To Help You Upgrade Your Bathroom Easily

One of the main areas most people want to upgrade regularly is the bathroom, and sure enough renovating this area can be extremely costly. However with these top 5 creative tips you can have a fresh and beautiful feeling bathroom for less:


1.  Make The Most Of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can transform any area, including your bathroom. As long as the paint is anti mold and mildew you can use any colour available. Sure it will cost you a bit more than regular paint, but you have less area to cover so the costs balance out. Consider using a neutral colour that has a bit of pop or difference to it. Pure white can be very sterile and cold, and yellowed whites or beiges tend to make bathrooms look a bit dated. Metallic or blue based whites are great, or a grey is a great idea and works well with bold colours like orange.


2.  Utilise Hardware

Things like cabinet handles, towel holders, toilet holders and drawer knobs can make a real difference to the finish of your bathroom. Think of it like adding the accessories to an outfit – the right necklace can bring a dress to life – as can a gorgeous industrial metal towel rail in an otherwise boring bathroom. Shop car-boots and reclamation yards to bag the most cost-effective deals.


3.  Stick To Neutral

In order to keep costs right down, stick to neutral in your colour schemes. For creativity you can of course experiment with colours but this could end up costing you more. Consider keeping the base a neutral colour and being creative with extras like plants or towels. A large batch of neutral floor tiles or wall tiles will be significantly cheaper than some designer or bespoke porcelain tiles.


4.  Get Your Lighting Right

Imagine spending lots of money on a makeover for a party, only to have your grand entrance to the party be in total darkness. Renovating a bathroom and then keeping rubbish lighting is like doing that to yourself everyday. One downlight, or dim yellow lighting will only make your bathroom look worse than it is, even if it is actually very nice. The more natural light you can get the better, so maybe you only need to clean those windows for the daytime. For the evenings, could you install some recessed lighting in your floor tiles? Some attractive sconces instead of the bright strip lights? Be creative with your lighting to allow yourself to choose between excellent bright lighting and ambient lighting – this not only makes your bathroom look better, but it provides it with the opportunity to be truly multi-functional.


5.  Bring In Some Fresh Accessories

Simple accessories are so easy and cheap to buy, they are the true cost effective tool for anyone wanting to freshen their bathroom up on a budget. Some fluffy towels, a cute vintage rug, a succulent garden in a reclaimed wooden box – this is where you can get truly creative on the cheap. None of these additions are costly or permanent, so you can afford to have fun!

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