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Kitchens are a great place for tiles, however choosing them can be a bit tricky because there is simply so much choice. Here are some easy tips to help you select the right kitchen tiles.


Selecting Your Kitchen Tiles


Kitchens lend themselves to tiling because they are clean looking, hygienic, easy to maintain and attractive. They are also hard-wearing, which is important when you use your kitchen a lot. There are so many different tiles to consider when it comes to decorating your kitchen. When selecting wall tiles or floor tiles for your kitchen, you need to consider both practicalities and cost. Firstly you will need to think about where you’re putting your tiles. If you’re selecting wall tiles, they could be glossy or patterned, mosaics or more fragile ceramic tiles, but with floor tiles you’re looking for high durability, non-slip and more of a neutral shade. There are however always exceptions to the rule, and it’s important to remember that so you never feel limited with your vision.

porcelain floor tiles


Here are some tips for choosing your kitchen tiles:



You have to know where a tile is going first and foremost before you decide on the colour or the material. You can apply tiles to backsplashes, as borders around a fireplace in contrast with a raw brick wall, under raised cabinets or as countertops. You can also use tiles as a flooring material. Knowing where the tile will be installed means understanding what textures and tones it needs to work with, and what kind of environmental factors it will be exposed to.



It is important to understand the different tiles available, so you know what those types of tiles can be used for and if they will suit your design. Kitchens tiles could be glass, ceramic, vinyl, cork, stone to name just a few – tile simply means a material that can be laid in rows on a flat surface. Marble, stone, slate, porcelain, wood, cork and vinyl are popular flooring materials, whereas glass or ceramic tiles tend to commonly be used as wall tiles.

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How Much?

Before you get carried away selecting the perfect tiles you must set a budget for yourself. Some tiles can be extremely expensive, others are relatively cheap. If you’re not great at numbers, consider taking measurements and speaking to an expert about how many tiles of what size you will need for the job. Understanding the amount of tiles you need will help you easily work out the costs of using different tiles. Remember quality will differ depending on the place you purchase the tiles from, and it might be a good option to purchase reclaimed tiles if you have your heart set on a certain material that is simply too costly brand new.



As much as design is fun, practicality is hugely important when it comes to selecting kitchen tiles. You need to think about durability, maintenance, the ease of replacing broken tiles and how long you can expect the tiles to last. Every single type of tile will come with pros and cons in regards to practicality, some tiles can be very cold or hard to stand on, others are susceptible to chips. Think about the use your kitchen has – do you have young children? Are you commonly spilling food and drink on the floor? Do you have pets? Is there a lot of foot traffic running through the kitchen? Knowing the kind of environment your tiles are in will help you make the best choice.

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