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Natural stone is a very popular material for tiles, particularly on floors and high traffic areas; it is durable and also has a unique beauty.

natural stone tileSealing Natural Stone Tiles

The natural porousness of some natural stone products means it is essential to waterproof and protect the tiled surface using a sealant product that is appropriate for the type of natural material you are installing.

Here are some handy tips for sealing natural stone tiles:


  • Seal when you like: It’s down to personal preference whether you seal the tiles as you lay them or do it once the installation is all completed.
  • Clean and dry: Sealing will not have a successful result if the tiles are dirty, wet or covered in debris. Sweep thoroughly with a brush and then wet vacuum and leave to dry naturally before applying the sealant for the best finish.
  • Keep the materials clean too: All the materials you are using for sealing your floor tiles should also be kept meticulously dry and clean too. This includes your paint pads, brushes, cloths and anything else you will be using.
  • Take note of drying times: Sealing products have different drying times, so ensure you check the manufacturer’s recommendations before starting so you can allow your floor enough time to fully cure and dry out before it needs to be walked upon.
  • Keep use to a minimum: After sealing, try to keep the traffic over the floor to a minimum, if possible, for at least a week to give the sealant a chance to fully cure. Avoid moving furniture across the floor or causing any knocks until the sealant has fully cured, otherwise it might not be completely effective.

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