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Whether you’re looking to sell your home and want your bathroom to be attractive, or are simply trying to create a tranquil place to relax and unwind in your own home, getting to grips with cleaning and organising the smallest room in the house can be a tough call. Replacing or renovating a bathroom is an expensive job, but maybe there are things you can do to reinvent the space without spending a fortune.

Creating a relaxing and organised bathroom in a 3 easy steps

Here are three easy steps to improving the look of your bathroom right now, without breaking the bank.

1.      Take everything out

Before you can start sorting out your bathroom, you’ll need a blank canvas to work with. Gather up all the bottles, towels, books and belongings and put them somewhere else so you have some space to work. Now you’ve got an empty bathroom, the cleaning will be so much easier!


2.      Deep clean the room

cleaning grout


It’s up to you whether you opt for strong, bug-busting chemical cleaners or something more organic and environmentally-friendly, but either way it’s important to put some serious elbow grease into the mix to achieve the very best results. Focus on the key areas below to achieve a really stunning finish – you may be surprised how good your old bathroom can look with just a bit of effort:


  • The toilet: A filthy toilet is guaranteed to put buyers off, not to mention being an eyesore for yourself too. It can make the whole room seem unclean, so strap on those marigolds and give it a thorough once over. Dust those hard to reach areas and blast away lime scale with a good scrubbing brush. If the seat is in poor condition, a replacement is only a few pounds and can make all the difference to the room.
  • The bath and shower: Spray the entire area with your chosen cleaning product, and leave it a few moments to get the worst of the grease and grime off the surfaces. Scrub the grouting with a brush or sponge to bring it back to white, and treat yourself to a new, clean shower curtain for the finishing touch.
  • The sink: Get in there with an old toothbrush to get all the gunk from under and around the taps. Give the taps a good clean too, and dry them with a cotton cloth to avoid any watermarks.
  • The rest of the room: Clean any furniture, cabinets or drawers you may have in the room, inside and out. Wipe down the mirror with a vinegar solution to get rid of the smears. Check the walls, skirting, light fittings and floors too, and get them looking as sparkling as the rest of your room.


3.      Organise your space

Now you’ve got a nice clean room to work with, it’s time to put things back where they came from. You need the bathroom to be functional for you and your family, but consider if some of the clutter can be stored elsewhere, as the less you can see, the cleaner the room will appear to be.

Think about storing things that need to be in the bathroom out of sight. Use plastic boxes or decorative storage containers to keep the things you need from day to day off the shelves and ledges. Put them under the sink, or stack them artfully on a window ledge to leave the rest of the room looking clean and clear.

Take as much as you can out of the bathroom. If you have an airing cupboard, you could consider keeping all the shampoos and soaps in there, maybe in a bucket, which can be simply dragged out when they are needed.

Cleaning and organising the bathroom is not so hard with these three easy steps. However, staying on top of the mess and dirt is another matter. Make the bathroom part of your morning routine, as a quick swish around while you’re cleaning your teeth can help to keep everything peachy, and prevent a mega sort out being necessary again.

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