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Refurbishing a bathroom is a major job, and one that is expensive so you want to make sure you get it right first time. So here are some of our top tips to give you – the more informed you are, the more likely it is to go smoothly.


Refurbishing Your Bathroom? Some Tips to Help You Get it Right


Speak To Your Family

Although you may find yourself in charge of this task, it is worth speaking to your family about the bathroom, especially if you have a large family. Maybe your daughter has always dreamed of having a roll-top bath, your young son would like some bath stickers, your husband might want more towel storage. The more you chat with them about what they like and don’t like the better. This is especially true with your creative vision, although if they don’t like what you are saying only you know whether or not they will like it ‘when they see it’.


Safety First!

It is so important that you put safety at the top of your priority list in terms of the tiles. If you get the wrong floor tiles you could end up with a hugely slippery surface which is very dangerous. Make sure you invest in tiles with grip.


Your Safety

As well as your bathroom being safe, you need to be safe when you are working on the bathroom. If you are doing the bathroom yourself, make sure you have eye protectors, gloves and other safety equipment to ensure you don’t get hurt. Always be sure to keep pets well out of the way as well – as far as we know they don’t understand tile safety!


Consider Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting in tiles in the bathroom makes for a safe nighttime lighting option that also adds a bit of romance and softness in the evening as well. It is a great way to make a smaller bathroom look bigger.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are not as expensive as they used to be. If you want to ensure your floor tiles are warm underfoot and save some space in the bathroom by scrapping the radiator, consider investing in an underfloor heating system. Just make sure you get it done by a professional.


Do You Want to DIY? Do You Want An Installation Company?

This is a massive decision and one you should not take lightly. An installation company will cost a lot more than you doing the job yourself. What you have to ask is, do you have the time, effort and patience to do the job yourself? It is all about deciding where your money is best spent.


If You DIY, Do It Right

If you do DIY make sure you do it right. Prepare your home with plastic sheeting, by opening the windows and by ensuring there is an alternative toilet as well. You need to also spend time researching what you are doing, and buy the best possible equipment so you have the best possible chance of success.


Figure Out How Long It Is Going To Take

It is important you think about how long the job will take an installation company so you can allow for how long you will have disturbance in your home. You should also calculate how long it should take you if you plan to do it yourself.


Remember, it might sound daunting to think about refurbishing a bathroom, but it is actually a very enjoyable and satisfying job to complete.

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