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There are lots of amazing options when it comes to using porcelain tiles in the home. Although we are all accustomed to seeing beautiful natural looking floor tiles and crisp white bathroom tiles in domestic houses, the designs that really catch our eyes are the ones that are created with true imagination. The ones with prints that blow our minds, or that are used in ways we have never seen before.

Porcelain Tile Ideas For The Home

If you’re considering using porcelain floor tiles or wall tiles in your home redecoration, these ideas should inspire you to think outside the box:


Tiles On The Stairs

It always seems like a waste when stairs don’t have anything amazing in the section that faces you as you look up them. Having floor tiles or wall tiles placed in that particular part of the step can give you immediate visual impact without making much of a change to your existing interior. You can do this with garden steps and bring an immediate splash of colour to your garden. Or why not add some mosaic tiles or vintage tiles to the steps in your home? If you’re worried about doing it to a full flight of stairs, maybe just add the detail to a single step between rooms or the steps into your home – if you like that effect, commit to the bigger project.


Tile Rug

This is where the tiles would go in a rectangle shape in the middle of a room, a bit like a tile rug. So it enables you to create a natural contrast between tile effects. The look would usually involve floor tiles of a similar colour and style to those in the rest of the room, however some designs use completely contrasting tile rugs as a feature and focal point.


Tiles Integrated With Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors are everywhere at the moment as upcycling becomes more acceptable and vintage and classical room designs are popular. Wooden floors are beautiful as are tiled floors, so why choose between the two? You can integrate the two flooring materials quite simply as long as you match the desired height so there are no potential tripping hazards. You can graduate porcelain tiles into a wooden floor using an artistic design, or a simple border. The point is that the two do not have to be exclusively separate, they can be combined using a little innovation and applied practical technique.


Textured Tiles

You can get tiles that look like carpet, wood and material, but you can also get extremely textured tiles that literally come out of the walls. Smooth tiles are great but, if you can get some really interesting texture in a room with your wall tiles – why not? It’s a great way to add interesting layers to your room with ease.


Tile Against Raw Brickwork

Raw brickwork is extremely trendy at the moment in both commercial buildings and domestic interior design. A really great way to add colour and vibrancy to a raw brick wall is to contrast it with porcelain tiles. This effect looks incredibly cool and brings instant personality to a room – especially if you’ve chosen tiles that compliment your current interior design.


Tile Headboard


Rather than having a traditional bed headboard, some people are creating headboards out of wall tiles. Obviously the tiles won’t be attached to your bed, but they will give the effect of a headboard when your bed is placed against it. It’s quite a simple idea but is a very fun way of creatively adding to your existing bedroom furniture.


These are just some innovative ways to use tiles in the home. Remember, anything is possible when you open your mind, so get creative and think about you could bring your home to life with tiles.

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