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Living in a home whilst it is being renovated can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you stay sane and possibly even enjoy your time at home during renovations.

Living With Building Work, Without Losing Your Mind

Interior design and home renovations can be pretty disruptive, it really is no wonder people put off getting it done after years of planning some necessary changes. The finished result is something to daydream about. The gorgeous polished wall tiles, the clean and modern finish, the fluffiest new carpet – dreamy right? The problem is, the renovation part can be the stuff of nightmares. Dust, muddy boot marks, disorganisation, having to work around disruption – it can just be too much and difficult to see the end in sight, especially when you are completing a project in stages. If this is you don’t fret, these tips will help you breeze happily through renovation so you can enjoy the finished result without having had a break down to get there:

Organising Everything

If you have booked a builder to come in and tile your bathroom, or do some other renovations, prepare beforehand. Prepare a little extra area for whatever you won’t be able to do. So if you are having floor tiles put down in the kitchen, make a little camping kitchen area elsewhere. If you are having the bathroom redone, make alternative bathroom arrangements.

Be On The Cleaning All The Time

Although you might think it better to leave the cleaning until after everything is done, it is actually better to be doing it all the time. Put plastic sheeting down and remove and store anything that could get damaged. Be hoovering any dust and debris from other areas regularly, and if mud or dirt does get where it shouldn’t – clean it, it could stain or damage the surface it is on.

Prepare What You Will Eat

If the kitchen is out of use, you need to think ahead. Perhaps you could move the fridge in the garage for convenience food. You could get plastic and paper cutlery ready. Think about things like takeaways and convenience foods you can serve the family. If you can keep access to your microwave that might just be your saviour.

Let The Neighbours Know

If you can, let your neighbours know about planned renovations, especially if they will be loud and disruptive. They will appreciate a heads up on the noise and disruption and will hopefully afford you the same consideration if they renovate.

Do It Properly

If you are doing your renovations DIY make sure you know what you are doing. If you are hiring someone – make sure they know what they are doing. Basically – whatever it takes to get it done properly – do it. Why? Because if mistakes are made this costs you more money, could be unsafe, and also leaves you dealing with renovations for even longer.


Renovations can be pretty tough going but they are worth it for so many reasons: a new look, a higher house value, a better quality of life at home – to name just a few. So prepare as much as you can, and enjoy your new look home!

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