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Using a tile saw should always be done with caution; always wear protective eye goggles and practise on some old tiles to get the technique right before cutting your new tiles.

Important Safety Tips For Using a Tile Saw

Tile Saw ImageHere are five things you need to know before you start trying to cut tiles:

  1. Wear safety goggles: You might think that is just Health and Safety gone bonkers, but actually protecting your eyes when cutting tiles is crucial. Tiny razor sharp shards can fly off the tile whilst cutting, and it doesn’t bear thinking about the sort of the damage they could do to your eye. Put your eye protection on even if you are just making a ‘quick cut’ or two.
  2. Keep tools clean and sharp: A bit of an obvious one, but dull blades or a build up of debris and dirt is one of the most common reasons for accidents.
  3. Break your project down into small jobs: Tackle things one step at a time. This will keep your motivation up and avoid you working while tired when mistakes are much more likely to happen.
  4. Keep a medical kit to hand: Do you know where your first aid box is? What’s in it? Make sure you know these things and have adequate first aid supplies before attempting to start your project with a tool like a tile saw.
  5. Practice on a waste tile: If you have a scrap tile laying around, why not hone your skills on this tile instead of getting frustrated because you’ve ruined a good one.

Follow our top tips for tile cutting next time you’re embarking on a tiling job and keep yourself safe and stress free when doing DIY.

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