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Here we look at just a few of the exciting new interior design trends and how you might incorporate them into your home.

Embrace The Best Interior Design Trends Of 2015

With a new year come new opportunities to embrace fresh, exciting interior design trends and create a vibrant, beautiful home. Design trends this year involve ECO-friendly decorating, vintage influences, modern patterns, world prints, artistic detailing and exciting texture blends.

Expect to see grand antiquities, luxurious fabrics, raw carved wood and hard metal details.


Here are just some of the best interior design trends of 2015:


Mixing The Old And The New

By connecting older design ideas with fresh, modern contemporary ideas you will create an exciting fusion that see’s your property looking beautiful and dramatic. Combine natural and neutral materials like creamy porcelain tiles or wooden floors with vibrant ethnic patterned rugs and bold, exotic ornaments.


Versace Tiles - PalaceUsing Fabulous Materials

This year’s interior design materials and colours are truly fabulous. Raw and natural wood, an emphasis on drawing in natural light, embracing rare and unusual cuts of wood and staining and painting wood bright and bold colours. Gold and bronze overtakes the popular copper tones of last year and expensive marble is also a key feature.


Bringing The Outside In

ECO-friendly decorating is huge, and part of that trend is bringing the outside in. Vertical gardens for inside the home are extremely popular and truly do bring the outside in, especially once the plants really get growing and turn into a dramatic wall feature. If a vertical garden is simply too extreme for you, potted succulents are a good way to bring splashes of natural and organic materials in your home.


Natural materials are still a key interior design trend as they were last year. Pebbles, stone, sea glass, industrial metal and raw wood are included in larger design features, and smaller decorative features. Neutral coloured wall tiles create an ideal backdrop for living decorations and decorative piles of interesting and organic shaped materials.


Pebble Tiles - Motion MulticolorBedrooms Become Outdoor Havens

There is an emphasis this year on bedrooms becoming extremely natural and highly influenced by the outdoors. That doesn’t mean you need to start setting up a tent and swatting wasps away in order to get involved in this trend, but it does mean becoming open to bringing the outdoors in. Large prints of tree’s, flowers and organic materials look fabulous alongside a blend of natural textures that clash as well as complement each other. Brown is a key colour and is combined with glass, wicker baskets, ethnic furniture covers, plaits and bold exciting colour pops like bright lampshades and block colour quilts.


Creamy Mix And Match

For those who feel it would be difficult for them to embrace bold colours, there’s another side to design trends in 2015 which combine soft, neutral and natural materials with creamy vintage pastels and darker more neutral tones.


These are just a few of the interior design trends for 2015. There are also themes of luxurious antiquities, opulent fabrics like velvet and silk, and an emphasis on reusing and recycling items where possible. The best approach to interior design this year is starting by looking at what you have and working out how you can update it without buying something completely new. For example, old chairs could be given a new lease of life and upholstered using rich velvet fabrics. Or a room could easily be refreshed by laying neutral and natural floor tiles, painting the room using ECO-friendly paints and adding organic finishing touches like cacti planted in dappled metal pots, hanging large prints of greenery and plant macro photography and placing small arrangement and piles of found organics like pebbles, driftwood and rope.

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