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Doing it yourself was once the norm. Homeowners would take pride in seeing the fruits of their labour, and a spot of DIY at the weekend was a regular occurrence. However, in our busy modern lives and with many people failing to have the skills or tools to do the job right, more people are shunning do-it-yourself in favour of getting someone else to do the dirty work


Scared to do it yourself? Tips to take the terror out of DIY


tiling wallsA survey by the Cooperative Insurance shows that a great number of us will avoid getting involved in simple DIY tasks, and would rather call in a handyperson to get the job done. Things like replacing roof tiles (59 per cent), plumbing (58 per cent) and installing a shower (56 per cent) were all jobs that the majority of us would rather leave to the professionals than attempt ourselves.

If you’re looking to save some pennies and improve your home too, then doing-it-yourself can offer substantial savings if you can get over the fear of getting it wrong. Here are some top tips for DIY with confidence:

1.      Start small

OK, so a full on kitchen extension might be a daunting prospect, but could you manage to change the taps in the bathroom or replace a tile splashback? With the right tools and a bit of research, there are many small jobs around the home that need not scare you into avoidance. Start with small successes to build up your confidence.

2.      Do your homework

The internet is a plethora of resources. From ‘how to’ guides to YouTube videos, there are so many ways you can learn from the professionals to help you skill up around the home. If you do have an expert in to do some work on your house, take the opportunity to shadow their work and ask questions so you can benefit from their years of experience.

3.      Get the right tools

They say a workman is only as good as his tools, and it is certainly true that a DIY job can be made far easier by having the right tools to hand. Invest in some good quality basic tools, suitable for a variety of jobs, and look into hiring anything expensive that you need for one off jobs to keep the costs down.

4.      Take your time

Work in small sprints to keep your motivation up and your energy levels high. If a job is going to take several hours to do, it is far better to do an hour or two at a time and get things perfect than it is to attempt to get it all done in a day. Tiredness leads to silly errors, and will only make you hate DIY even more.

5.      Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Mistakes are how we learn the best, so just dig in and have a go! The survey revealed that over a third of homeowners (38 per cent) would avoid cleaning out the gutters, but can you really go wrong when it’s just moving a few leaves? Grab the bull by the horns and get stuck in, and before you know it you’ll be a DIY hero!

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