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One great way to reduce your impact on the environment is to decorate your home in an ECO-friendly way. Here we have some useful tips to help you decorate green for 2015.

Decorate Green For 2015

Climate change is an ever-present issue and more and more people are now taking a keen interest in doing their bit to reduce their own environmental impact. One great way to do this is to pay more attention to the way you decorate your home. Creating an ECO-conscious property needn’t break the bank, and it needn’t make your home look like a giant greenhouse either. There are plenty of ways to invest in planet friendly decorating without changing your personal style or compromising on quality.

Here are some tips to help you decorate green for 2015:

Shorten Your Lists Of Wants

Look at the list of items you want to buy to decorate your home and get a little strict with yourself. Look at every item and ask yourself; “do I need it?”. Figuring out what you really need and stripping away the items that are unnecessary will save you money straight away. You should then look over the list of needs and think about environmentally friendly versions of those items that you could buy. For example; if you’re buying paint, you could buy water-based, clay-based or milk-based paint, or if you’re planning on putting down floor tiles make sure you choose ones that will last as long as possible. You may also find that the list of needs you end up with means you can redecorate a space without overhauling the entire room, which means a smaller project for you to work on.
eco-friendly paint

Think Raw And Natural With Your Fabrics

If you’re going to be buying settee covers or quilt sets as part of your decorating, think natural, organic fabrics. Fabrics made from bamboo, cotton or hemp don’t have to be boring, in fact you can get fabrics like these in any colour or pattern you want because of the high consumer demand for ECO-friendly choices.


There’s every chance you will need to buy at least some new bits and pieces for your redecorating; wall tiles, carpets, paint and furniture etc. However, if you can upcycle – you should. Why not use ECO-friendly paint to jazz up an old wooden table? Why not turn those broken floor tiles into a mosaic? Or you could get the sewing machine out and turn an old quilt set into cushions. Think creatively and look at everything you want to throw out as though you have never seen it before. Perhaps an old book case could become a new display shelf, or an old mirror could become an attractive garden feature. Sometimes you just have to look at items in a different way to see that it is in fact still useful to you. And if it isn’t? Donate it to charity, sell it or just give it away to someone who wants it.


Have A Decorative Item Swap Party

Heard of clothes swapping parties? Well why not have a decorative item party with your friends? Everyone could bring an ornament or small piece of furniture and everyone goes home with something new without paying anything! You could even extend this kind of party to include building materials, larger furniture, anything at all really. If it’s too big to carry easily you simply take a photo with you instead of the item itself. This is a particularly great idea if you have an item you love but don’t have a place for anymore. What could be better than knowing a close friend does have a place for your beloved item, and acquiring a new item of your own at the same time!


These are just a few tips to help you decorate green for 2015. Remember all you need to do is be mindful, creative and have fun – you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint in no time!

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