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If you’re concerned for the environment, you’ll probably want to know how you can easily and cheaply clean your gorgeous home without harming the planet. Here’s how.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles The Eco Friendly Way

Our bathrooms can be pretty un-environmentally friendly compared to other rooms in our home. It’s where we use the most water having baths, showers and using the basin; we also enjoy the spoils of energy used to heat our hot water tank, and pollute our water system using strong bleaches, detergents and other cleaning products. If you care about the planet and want to do your bit when it comes to reducing your environmental impact, there are some easy changes you can make that won’t cost you anything, in fact they will save you money. The first thing you can do is have showers instead of baths, have shorter showers, and don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth. You can also make an effort to clean your bathroom using eco friendly bathroom cleaners. Your wc, basin and beautiful wall tiles won’t suffer because you’re cutting down on the bleach. They will look just as clean, if not more so and the environment will benefit, not to mention your wallet.

Here are some easy eco friendly bathroom cleaner recipes:

For The Bathroom Tiles

Cleaners for ceramic or porcelain tiles can contain really nasty chemicals which can irritate the skin, and release fumes into the air. This recipe is an eco-friendly cleaner that can be used on shower wall tiles or splashback wall tiles, and the bath itself as well.


  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • ½ a cup of baking soda

All you need to do is add the two ingredients together and then wipe them on to the surface you are looking to clean. It is important you don’t smother the tiles in this mixture as the vinegar can break down tile grout, although if your grout is sealed this shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re just looking for a quick way to clean the surfaces, baking soda on it’s own is abrasive enough to work.

For The Toilet

Toilet bowl cleaners from supermarkets often contain some of the most toxic and harsh chemicals of all the bathroom cleaners we use on a day to day basis. When these cleaners are used, the chemicals tend to mix with the water and release some pretty nasty gases. These gases may just smell like cleaning product to us, but they are actually fumes that some studies have suggested could lead to health risks.


½ a cup of Borax Replacement

½ a cup of White Vinegar

Borax replacement should be used with caution as it is quite a strong chemical, despite being eco friendly, so always use gloves to protect your hands. Simply pour the Borax Replacement and White Vinegar into the toilet in the amounts above, and leave them in there for around 60 minutes. The longer you leave the mixture, the more effective it will be. When you have left the mixture to work its magic, simply scrub the toilet bowl (with gloves on) and then flush when you’re done. You should find you have a very clean and sparkling bowl afterwards. For more difficult stains on the bowl, leave the mixture in the bowl overnight before scrubbing.

For Black Mould

Bathrooms often get mould growing in them because they are very moist places. Tile grout and bath sealant can often become black with mould, and it’s pretty difficult to remove once it has stained the surface so it’s best to keep on top of it from the outset if you see it appear.

With this recipe you need pure water which can simply be filtered tap water. You will also need hydrogen peroxide which is available in most chemists. You simply mix one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts filtered water and apply the mixture liberally to the black mould (remember the rubber gloves again).

Remember, every little helps so if you don’t feel comfortable mixing your own eco bathroom cleaner, just opt for the eco-friendly ready mixed cleaners at the supermarket. Most supermarkets have their own brand eco-friendly cleaners now, they work just as well but are much less harmful to you and the environment than standard cleaners.

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