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Getting tiles installed by an expert is a great idea. However, it won’t end so well if you don’t choose the right expert. Here are some tips to help you choose the right person for the job.


How To Choose The Right Tile Installation Expert


So you have decided to get a part of your home tiled. Congratulations! You’re going to have a gorgeous, hygienic, aesthetically pleasing surface to enjoy for years to come. The only problem you have now is getting them installed. You may well have considered DIY. It is cheap, quick and avoids having strangers in your home but, the chances are you have realised hiring an expert is a much better choice, which is why you’re reading this article.


And, you’d be right in thinking that. By choosing to pay someone to install your tiles you are:


  • Going to have your stunning floor tiles or wall tiles installed quickly
  • Going to have a superbly professional finish
  • Going to ensure the tiles you invested in aren’t broken or misused
  • Make the most of the tiles you invested in
  • Avoid any of the stress or physical work involved in home improvements


There’s only one massive dilemma you face after you have made this great choice – choosing the right tiler. Sure, you probably initially thought it would be extremely easy to choose someone – they are all certified right? Unfortunately, it isn’t going to be as easy as choosing the first person on the internet search.


So how do you choose the right tile installation expert?


Take Your Time!

This is a huge decision, don’t feel like you have to rush. Take the time to consider your options, this person will be taking your money, entering your home and changing your home – they need to be right.


Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions. Ask about experience, any extra costings, insurance, etc. Even enquiring to get a feel for the company or person is useful, so you can get to know the personalities behind the service.


Go For Quality Over The Cheapest Offer

Someone who is offering the cheapest price isn’t necessarily the best for the job. You could end up paying more long term for the job to be redone, so make sure your focus is quality over price. It is important to remember that tile suppliers can offer you recommendations as well, so always ask.


Experience & Qualifications

This is key. You should feel assured if you have had the person or company recommended to you. If you haven’t, ask about experience and qualifications and have a look online for independent reviews of their work on places like CheckaTrade.


Remember, the key is to take your time and do your research. There are plenty of wonderful companies and individuals out there able to give you a stunning result – you just need to give yourself the time and effort to find them and not rush in to the decision.

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