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Natural stone has a beautiful, unique quality that is hard to beat with ceramic or porcelain tiles that try to imitate it, but it does need much more care and attention than other types of floor tiles to keep it looking beautiful.

How to Care For Natural Stone Floor Tiles

Natural stone can be damaged easily and certain types are very susceptible to stains which can be hard, if not impossible, to remove so it is important to prevent any damage occurring in the first place.
Yet natural stone designer tiles are an investment for your home as their quality is undeniable and they are becoming more affordable as manufacturing processes are improved. So follow the steps below on how to care for your natural stone floor so it never loses its original beauty and lustre.

  1. Seal your natural stone floor tiles as soon as they are laid and reapply the sealer at the recommended intervals.
  2. Dirt and grit on the bottom of shoes and boots can damage the surface of natural stone tiles so always prevent people and animals from walking on the floor before wiping their feet. Have a good mat outside the front door and another inside and encourage everyone to use it and remove their shoes on entry to your home.
  3. Use a vacuum attachment with soft bristles underneath to avoid it scratching the floor when removing any dirt.
  4. Use a damp mop to clean off any dirty marks that cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner or broom.
  5. Never use ammonia-based cleaning products or other harsh cleaning fluid because they can stain the tiles or leave a residue over time that will become dull an hide the natural beauty of your stone tiles.
  6. Never use a scouring cloth even on stubborn marks or stuck on dirt. If you are having trouble removing marks or sticky residues with water and a soft cloth alone then ask your tile supplier or manufacturer to recommend a specialist cleaning product for your particular type of tile. Remember that not all natural stone cleaning products are suitable for all types of natural stone floor tiles as some are more porous than other and more susceptible to staining.
  7. Wipe up spillages as soon as they happen as many everyday liquids and foodstuffs can stain natural stone, for example, lemon juice can stain marble and some types of softer limestone as the acid in it reacts with the stone to create marks that are almost impossible to remove except via a professional renovation.
  8. Use stick-on felt pads on the base of furniture legs so that they do not scratch the tiles when moved. This is just as important for natural stone as it is for ceramic tiles and porcelain floor tiles.

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