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How many standard white bathrooms have you seen throughout the years? The answer will be ‘plenty’ because that is what a typical bathroom looks like: nice white porcelain basin, a white bath, white toilet and maybe even white floor tiles. You might sometimes have a splash of colour with a vanity unit but often that’s only black or wood, otherwise that’s white as well.

5 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Colourful

colourful bathroom There’s nothing wrong with having a clean and beautiful white bathroom, and sometimes colour can go very wrong in bathrooms, particularly when old fashioned borders are used and lifeless tile features are created. But there are some ways you can introduce colour to your bathroom without taking away from it’s clean and crisp look.

So here are five ways to make your bathroom more colourful:


A block of colour

Rather than just one item or wall you could create a block of colour. This could be a vertical panel on a wall, with matching towels attached to rails (in front of that wall) or a panel above the basin. So it’s one big block of colour in an otherwise neutral room. This can look really chic and you could incorporate the colour into the rest of the room using a mat or accessories that include the same colour.




Monochrome always looks stylish and never goes out of fashion. It looks fantastic in any bathroom setting, particularly if you go for chequered floor tiles. And the best thing about it is, it gives you a great base for colour if you do want to add accessories in an accent colour somewhere along the line.


Feature Wall


One of the best things about modern interior design is that people have now realised a feature wall is not restricted to a living room or bedroom. You can have a feature wall anywhere in any sized room, no matter what shape the walls are. So if you have a protruding section of wall in the bathroom, why not paint that one a bold colour? Try and visualise how it will look and choose the wall you think will look the best. Remember, you can always paint back over it if it just doesn’t work so be brave and try experimenting.




If you’re not ready to paint or tile any colour into your bathroom, why not experiment with accessories? This is a great option for those of us not too brave with colour. There are many innovative and beautiful accessories available on the high street for you to try, and if the colour grows on you, it might be time to progress to a braver splash of colour like the feature wall.


A painted bath


How about a painted bath? Just one expanse of colour in a bathroom can look absolutely stunning, particularly if it is part of a feature itself (if your bath is a traditional freestanding one). A freestanding bath can have the exterior and/or legs painted. It’s a very small change which makes a big difference, and if you like the colour you could add accessories to match. Remember to think about the colour of your floor tiles when you’re choosing the colour to make sure the two colours complement each other. And in the future the colour can be changed if you update the bathroom without the expense of a new freestanding bath.

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