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Tiles from high-end designers like Versace are becoming increasingly popular as a way to add style to your interior.

Versace Designer Tiles  – Beautiful, Stylish and Glamorous


Versace Designer Tiles - Palace StoneHigh quality porcelain tiles can be found in a wide price band so there is always something to suit every budget. But for those with no budget constraints designer tiles provide a way to add some real glamour to you home. They can be used for a whole floor or wall scheme or used just to enhance an otherwise plain wall or floor. Versace have an enormous range of tile designs available from matt monochrome and natural stone ranges to gold tiles with the Versace logo if you are looking for real glitz and glamour.


Here’s an overview of some of the different Versace designer tiles currently available:




Classic and beautifully unique, the Versace marble collection is a typical long term investment buy. With complementary border and insert tiles designs can be created that would suit any interior.


Palace Stone


A matt and textured finish creates a more natural feel in contrast to some of the other high-gloss ranges from Versace. Perfect for lovers of natural stone looking for inspiration for a bathroom or anywhere else in the home..



Palace Living Gold

Versace Designer Tiles - Palace

Beautiful and very sophisticated with light and dark palettes containing flecks of gold. Black and white tiles appeal to those seeking a masculine design scheme, while the glamour of the gold would suit those wanting to add a touch of the feminine.



High-end gold and lighter brown patterns, the Elite collection of Versace designer tiles embodies luxury and glamour. The range of styles allows for unique artistic designs on large floor areas.




The Versace pattern and logo incorporated into their Exclusive collection will really add glitter and glamour to an interior space and definitely add the “wow” factor, whether used on floors or to create unique wall designs.

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