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A tiled shower area should last a lifetime, however, your choice of tiles for this area is going to dictate the style and finish of the room for years to come, making it a pretty tough decision for anyone. Here are some top tips on selecting tiles for your shower area to help you make the right choice.

Top tips for choosing shower tiles

Shower room tiled in walnut travertine

  1. Waterproofing is a must: Porous tiles will deteriorate in a shower, even if they are sealed. It’s much better to choose a dense, waterproof product like porcelain tiles in the first place for an easy to clean, water resistant finish that needs no sealing and little ongoing maintenance.
  2. Think non slip: if you are tiling the floor or creating a wet room, you should choose tiles with a coarser texture or a non-slip coating to avoid any nasty accidents. Check the anit-slip rating on any tiles you are considering.
  3. Opt for neutral colours: Try to avoid fashions and fads if you don’t want your hard work to go out of date. White, naturals, greys and even black tiles are unlikely to be horribly dated in years to come, so think plain and unobtrusive when selecting a tile colour.
  4. Do your sums: Selecting an expensive material like marble is fine for accents or smaller areas, but could blow the budget if you tried to do the whole room. Make sure you calculate the right costs and don’t forget to include the costs of adhesives, grout, sealants and tools too.
  5. Get a professional in: If you are not particularly handy, tiling in a bathroom can be more hassle than its worth. With lots of tiles and a very small room it can quickly start to look messy if you don’t get a perfect finish.

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