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Tiles don’t need to be boring, or indeed to match. In fact, putting your own creative stamp on your home with a feature tile wall is a great way to bring in a unique and designer aspect to any room.

Designing a feature wall with tiles

Whether in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in the house a tiled wall can make an attractive focal point and is an inexpensive way to personalise your home.


feature wall tiles


Here are some ideas for creating your own tile feature:

  1. Choose contrasting colours that complement each other:
    You can make your own pattern using tiles of the same size but different colours. Try to pick colours from the same range, such as naturals, rust colours or ocean colours. Don’t make the pattern too regular otherwise the result will look dated.
  2. Pretty pictures:
    If you are tiling a whole wall, consider inserting a picture panel into the wall to create a contemporary twist on a plain wall. Choose a gorgeous picture and install two or three tiles vertically for the perfect, modern look.
  3. Marvellous mosaics:
    Making your own mosaic can be time consuming and tricky, but thankfully tile manufacturers have come to the rescue. Lots of mosaic designs are available readymade and attached to a net, making them straightforward to install as a flashback or simply a feature somewhere in your home.
  4. Contemporary colour:
    Don’t be scared to go bold with colour, particularly on a feature wall. Whilst an entire bathroom in lime green might be a bit too much, a section of wall or a particular area highlighted in this way will look just great.

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