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The monochrome trend is slowly coming back into fashion, both in clothing and at home so maybe it’s time for us all to consider the merits of decorating with black.

Black is back: How to incorporate it in your home

black bathroomIf you fancy a bit of black in your home, tiles are the perfect way to incorporate it. When you choose black tiles, you won’t have the stark blandness that you would with paint or wallpaper, neither will you have the ‘horribly susceptible to marks’ ness of using it in soft furnishings. Black tiles are ideal, as they are easy to clean and will look amazing for many years to come, no matter how hard you put them to work.

Decorating a whole room in black is probably not the best way to use this colour. In fact, in many scenarios, black can seem like a very bad idea, but let’s take a look at how you can make black work for you in your home.

  • Use black as a secondary colour: Remember, if you are going to use black within your colour scheme, dark colours tend to attract more attention than lighter ones. That means that more is definitely less, so use black as an accent colour and maintain a light overall appearance with a brighter main colour.


  • Use borders: Using black as a border around your main colour is a great way to highlight features or areas within your room. Think about using black around the fireplace where the rest is a lighter or more neutral colour, or in a bathroom try surrounding your mirror or sink area with black whilst keeping a lighter tone everywhere else.


  • Use accents: Black can be a great way to add drama and accents to an otherwise fairly neutral room. In a kitchen, it may be that you add a black splash back at the sink or cooker to introduce contrast. In a conservatory, consider including the odd black tile in your wall or floor design.


  • Go for it: OK, so if you want to really make a statement, there is no reason not to go black all the way. Particularly in small rooms such as bathrooms and sun rooms, black can actually look rather sumptuous in the right settings. Make sure you pick a room with plenty of natural light, and reverse the accent strategy by including lighter borders or accent colours to avoid the whole crematorium look.


All in all, black is a sophisticated colour that is most definitely back in vogue so think about how you can include it in your home design efforts; using black can make our rooms look elegant and, above all, very modern.

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