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As we become more conscious of the impact we have on the environment we want to make eco-friendly choices when decorating or renovating our homes.

Natural Stone Tiles are Eco-Friendly, Naturally

So many of us are conscious of the environmental impact of how we live our lives that it is not surprising that when we are considering decorating or renovating our home that we want to choose environmentally-friendly resources and products. There is also a growing trend to be aware of the eco-credentials of the companies manufacturing the goods we buy. Sustainability is even being taught to 10-year old school children so you know it is an important topic when it has found its way onto the school curriculum. So if you are undertaking a tiling project and want an eco-friendly choice then natural stone tiles are ideal; they are one of the most sustainable building materials around.

One of ways that natural stone contributes to sustainability is that fact that it is so durable and long-lasting as a decorating product. If you maintain natural stone tiles they will, literally, last a lifetime; in fact, several lifetimes so that means they do not have to be replaced frequently causing waste products and requiring replacement products. But better than that, they are a beautiful natural product that might be expensive initially but offer great value-for-money because of their high quality and hard-wearing properties.


But what about the way the stone is extracted from the quarries?

In Europe, there are policies in place that have led to significant environmental improvements in the way natural stone is quarried; the amount of energy required for the process is considerably less than for many other building materials. Furthermore there is very little processing required for stone to create a finished tile product – unlike ceramic tiles they do not require firing in a kiln, which uses energy and generates pollutants in the environment.


So you can rest assured that natural stone tiles truly are a natural product and the extraction and finishing processes have a far lower impact on the environment that most other types of building materials. So if you want a sustainable home, there is no better choice.



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