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Selecting the right flooring in your conservatory can make all the difference between the ambience of the space and also how practical and easy it is to maintain.

Choosing The Flooring For Your Conservatory

You have chosen a stunning conservatory and you have beautiful visions of enjoying a refreshing G&T in there in summer while the smell of fresh grass breezes in, or cosying up with a mulled wine in there in winter, watching the snowflakes fall outside. These are just some of the joys of opting to have a conservatory installed in your property. And once the excitement of choosing one has subsided, you then have a whole new wave of excitement to enjoy – you have an entire new room to decorate! This is an exciting prospect, especially when you’re dealing with a room that doesn’t have too many practical considerations, and that has the best abundance of natural light in the house.


One of the most difficult choices to make when decorating a conservatory is the flooring.


Conservatories can have ceramic or porcelain tiles, carpet, wood, laminate – pretty much any flooring you can think of. There are a lot of factors to consider, more so that in any other room in the house – so it’s not a trivial decision, but the great thing is – you do have lots of options, which means you’re bound to find the right flooring type for you.

Here are just some of the different types of conservatory flooring available:




Wooden floors tend to look absolutely beautiful whichever room they are in, however, they aren’t always suited to all environments. If you want a wooden floor for your conservatory, consider steering clear of natural wood as it may not respond well to the different temperature extremes in your conservatory. Engineered wood is a much better choice as it is more resilient to expanding, contracting or warping than natural wood, so it tends to be able to deal with extreme temperatures better. If you love the look of wood but are worried about how well it will fare in a conservatory, particularly if it is south-facing then why not get the look without the worry by opting for one of the realistic wood-effect porcelain tiles now available?


Laminate Floor Tiles


Laminate is an extremely cheap option for conservatory flooring, and laminate floor tiles can look fantastic if they are laid well. However, they aren’t the best for cost effectiveness in this particular setting as the extreme temperatures will potentially warp and move the material which means you could have to replace it regularly. However, for those on a very tight budget it can make a good, if short-term, option.


Porcelain Floor Tiles


Taupe Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are a popular conservatory flooring choice because they are versatile, and come in an enormous variety of styles and sizes; they are also generally cheaper than natural stone. Options range from very large, white gloss tiles through every colour you could imagine to extremely realistic natural stone-effect or even wood-effect tiles of various sizes.They are the hardest kind of man-made tile and you don’t need to seal them either, which means they are extremely easy to maintain.




Lino is an eco-friendly, natural flooring popular with homeowners looking to increase their ‘carbon appeal’. Lino is planet friendly because it is made from completely natural, recyclable materials. It is also cost-effective, hardy and very easy to clean. Bamboo is also a great eco-friendly choice if you’re looking for an extra tough, sustainable flooring.





AuxerreAMB AX3Slate, granite, marble, travertine and limestone are all really good choices for conservatory flooring. Natural stone floor tiles always look beautiful, whatever type you choose, and should last you a lifetime if they are maintained properly and regularly. However, natural stone is the most expensive flooring available for your conservatory, and it can be cold to the touch, so suits properties with underfloor heating the best.





Carpet is the least popular choice for conservatory flooring, mainly for practical reasons. If you’re going to be going in and out of the garden through this room, the carpets probably aren’t going to stay clean for long. if you use the conservatory space a lot in the winter then a good option for making it cosy is to use some thick rugs, which can easily be lifted and cleaned.

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