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Keeping on top of the bathroom cleaning is easy, but every now and then your bathroom needs more than just a quick swish around.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles

Tiles, ceilings and the paintwork can all start to look a bit tired after a while, so when you need a deep clean, here are our top tips for getting your bathroom looking sparkling again.

  1. Use an all-purpose cleaner for ceramic or porcelain tiles and a specialist cleaner for natural stone tiles. Avoid cleaners containing bleach, vinegar or lemon juice if you have any type of porous natural stone (even if it has been sealed); although vinegar and lemon juice are an eco-friendly option for ceramic and porcelain tiles they can cause damage or staining to certain natural stone. If in doubt use a specialist cleaning product.
  2. Vacuum the whole room, including the walls and ceiling and spray an appropriate cleaner all over the tiles, walls, woodwork and even the ceiling.
  3. With the window closed turn the shower on at maximum heat, and let it run for around five minutes to let the steam in the bathroom build up.
  4. Turn off the water and close the door as you leave. The steam will act on the cleaner to lift stains and remove water marks from the tiles and other areas.
  5. After around 20 minutes go back into the bathroom and wipe all the areas thoroughly with a clean cloth.

The result should be a sparkling clean, fresh smelling bathroom ready for any visitors. If you want to keep ceramic or porcelain tiles looking clean and free from water spots wipe on a coat of clear car wax every few months. It might sound crazy, but when you next use the bathroom just watch the water bead up and roll off leaving your tiles streak free and sparkling clean. If you live in a hard water area invest in a water softener to keep the tiles looking good and if you are choosing new tiles consider ones with a matt surface which will not show water marks so obviously.

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