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Our wide range of high quality porcelain and ceramic wall tiles are available in a variety of sizes from mosaic sheets to small sizes of 10cm x 10cm all the way up to large wall tiles of 1.2m x 1.2m. We stock tiles suitable for a variety of residential and commercial uses and offer expert advice on the most suitable tiles and tiling products for your project, whatever the size and complexity. We also have a wide range of gorgeous tiling available to order for the most discerning customers who want something particularly special, including designer collections.

Come and browse our extensive selection of ceramic tiles in our large showroom and take home samples to view in your own surroundings so you can see exactly how well they match with existing or new fittings and how they look in the natural light of your home. Alternatively, part of our extensive range is available to buy online, with free samples also available online.

All of our high quality tiles are sourced directly from a variety of manufacturers, some of whom we have exclusive arrangements with, and are offered to both trade and public at discounted trade prices. And always with our trademark expert advice and friendly service.

Ceramic Tiling in a luxurious new Ensuite Bathroom in a high-end home

Here, we’ve taken a closer look at the suitability of ceramic for wall tiling:

Water Absorption

The water absorption rate of tiling is tested by a well defined process where the tile is weighed (after firing) then boiled for 5 hours, soaked for a full day after that and then weighed again. This process determines how water absorbent a ceramic wall tile is.


The clay used to make ceramic tiling is less dense than the clay used for porcelain, it is also less porous. Because of these differences, porcelain tiling is generally harder and more moisture resistant than ceramic but nevertheless, ceramics are still tough and moisture resistant and perfectly suitable for floors and walls in most domestic situations.

Tiles used in a contemporary Bathroom Design scheme


Porcelain and ceramic tiling comes in a range of different strengths suitable for different types of installation, both residential and commercial.  The more dense the tile and the way it is composed means the tile will be more durable. So for uses where heavy items are going to be placed on top of the tile, for example where floor tiling is concerned, porcelain may be a better choice. In an en-suite bathroom with little traffic and no heavy furniture on the tiled floor then certain ceramic tiles can be used on both floors and walls.

Medium sized ceramic wall tiles are used in a new build home in the Home Counties


As ceramic is softer than porcelain it can be cut easily with DIY tile cutters like saws or snap tile cutters, making it a better choice for homeowners taking on a tiling project themselves. When purchasing tiles, ask for expert advice from the retailer about cutting if you are doing the project yourself so you know whether it will be possible to use existing tools or whether you may need to hire specialist cutting equipment.

Which Is Better?

This all depends on the project you need it for and your budget. As a general rule both ceramic and porcelain can look absolutely stunning, so your choice between the two is likely to be based on practical factors. For instance, if the tiling will only be on the walls then choosing ceramic could save you money but if the project is a busy expanse of floor tiles it would probably be better investing in porcelain. But then again, might you end up paying more for a porcelain tile in a low traffic area with low exposure to water, just because you haven’t spent the time properly assessing the needs of the project?

It is important to think about the application and whether or not you need a stronger tile so make sure you take you time choosing just the right tiling for your needs. Don’t make a decision purely based on colour or texture, or even the size of a particular tile. These are, of course, important factors as they will affect the whole design scheme but it is almost always possible to find the same colour, texture and tile size in a different type and quality of tile that might be a more suitable choice. Talk to us first and ask our advice if you are not sure – we are always happy to help.

ivory ceramic tiles used in a large open plan and contemporary kitchen space


Whatever your project the style and quality of tiling are important – whether it’s a simple facelift of an existing kitchen with a modern splashback, a new contemporary look in the shower area of your family bathroom or hard-wearing tiles for a busy hallway there will be something to suit just that prupose. If it’s a redesign of an existing space or part of a major extension project with a brand new kitchen or bathroom – or even a new build home – we will have the tiles to help you create the right look in your home. Wall tiling can be used to create traditional, rustic or contemporary spaces that will look good for years to come.

So for ceramic wall tiles of all types and sizes, porcelain tiles (glazed, matt or polished), glass mosaics, natural stone mosaics and other natural stone tiles browse our range online. Remember we always have extensive stocks and many new tiles that we cannot always show on our website so why not call us for friendly, expert advice and the very best prices.

We have tried to show a good selection of our wall tiling here but it is difficult to show everything from our extensive ranges. Most of the wall tiles are available in a variety of colours and many come with a matching floor tile, some with matching and complementary mosaics too. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you can not find what you are looking for. Don’t forget that many of the tiles in the floor tiles section also look great on walls.

A Selection of Our Wall Tiles