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The first thing to consider is, where are the tiles going to be used?

If your project is for a residential kitchen or bathroom then you could really use almost any tile you want, as long as you’re aware of the potential slip of the tile when wet.  If you’re planning a walk in shower or wet room then something with a bit of grip is more suitable.great looking non slip tiles

If, however, you’re specifying a floor for a commercial, industrial, retail or restaurant area then the slip resistance is paramount because of public liability.  The last thing you should ever risk is public safety.

All slip resistance in the UK is gauged by what’s referred to as a PTV rating – a value assigned to the finish of the tile as determined by a pendulum slip test.  This PTV number is paramount and will be called upon in a court of law should there ever be a claim against the commercial parties involved.

At Décor tiles we like to go the extra mile with our customer service which is why we’ve invested in a Pendulum tester of our own – calibrated by the British Standards Institute – and have our staff trained and qualified to provide a certified PTV value.

PTV tester No. 1898