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Ceramic or glazed porcelain floor tiles are an ideal choice for those looking for a design scheme that includes pattern and colour or a natural stone effect without the disadvantages of natural stone itself such as the hassle of sealing and polishing. Our floor tiles come in a range of colours, designs and finishes – many from manufacturers that we have been dealing with personally for many years so we trust the quality of their products.

Whether you are looking for a pure white tile, a reproduction of a traditional terracotta floor tile, showing the variations and tones of real terracotta, or a fully waterproof slate effect tile, or anything in between, we can probably supply it.

Ceramic tiles tend to be smaller in size than porcelain, which due to its strength and stability is available in sizes up to 1.2m x 1.2m, but all are suitable for walls and floors. Porcelain tiles must be installed using a flexible powder adhesive.