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Let your imagination run free………

Most of the floor tiles available nowadays are suitable for use on walls as well, which is why we’ve witnessed so many bathroom designers pick up on porcelain material that looks like natural stone, but can be fixed at a fraction of the cost and with none of the maintenance issues.

It allows the ‘Spa’ look where the walls and floors match in colour and all the joints line up for a seamless contemporary room that stays looking neutral and contemporary for years to come – or adversely it can make for a very modern environment that envelopes you as you walk in.

Try also using a combination of larger tiles against a smaller multi coloured mosaic to liven things up and really reflect your personality.

There really are no hard and fast rules about designing the tile scheme for your bathroom – but whatever you do just make sure the tiles are fitted well.  For all of the technical products you need to make sure a job is done well take a look at our Schluter products page and have a chat with our advisors in store.