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An outdoor kitchen is an increasingly popular choice even here in the UK. Here we look at some great tips showing how you can create one.

Making An Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to entertain, letting you stay involved with your guest and out in the sunshine instead of stuck indoors in the kitchen. So it is no wonder so many people are installing them. You can get them with incredible fittings such as world-class pizza ovens.


Whatever amount of money you have, you can create a great outdoor kitchen. The problem is, when you don’t have much money to spend on it – is it still worth it? Is a modest outdoor kitchen a good idea? The short answer is yes. You can get a beautiful but basic outdoor kitchen as long as you approach building the kitchen in the right way.


You will have to do your research, be mindful, be thrifty and a little bit clever in your approach. You will also need to be creative and imaginative – but it will all be worth it.


Here are some tips to help you create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen on a modest budget:


Avoid Anything That Catches Fire Easily

When you’re looking for cheap materials, safety can sometimes be something you forget about. In the case of an outdoor kitchen, you must remember all the materials you need to use have to be fireproof for obvious reasons.


Always Stick To Practicality First

It doesn’t matter how mini your outdoor kitchen is, make sure it is practical. This includes having a bit of usable counter space, even if it is tiny, because without it, everything has to be prepared indoors. Part of the pleasure of an outdoor kitchen is the preparation amongst nature.


Allow Money For Storage

So your outdoor kitchen doesn’t end up looking cluttered, make sure you allow money in your budget for storage. Don’t just expect to keep everything related to your outdoor kitchen in your shed or garage. You certainly don’t want to have to keep going between your indoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen all the time to get things.


Set It Up Like A Camper Van

You could get your kitchen properly hooked up to water, gas and electricity but this will cost a lot of money. Your alternative could be setting it up like a camper van with a drainage bottle connected to your sink and you manually pouring water in and camping gas bottles for the hob or barbeque.


Spend A Good Amount Of Money On The Barbeque

Your barbeque won’t last long if you don’t invest enough money into it. You will have to replace it fairly quickly if it is low quality. It is worth investing in one that costs more, but will last longer.


DIY Your Brick Oven

Some people will pay thousands for a brick oven, which is a luxury for an outdoor kitchen. The thing is, you can easily make one yourself. You can follow DIY videos online, and you can even buy kits. Obviously you should do your research on this to make sure it is safe, but if you do spend enough time looking into it, you can do it extremely cheaply.


Be Creative With Your Seating

Your seating is definitely a way to save money. You can be as creative as you like, and we would recommend looking into upcycling for this particular part of your outdoor kitchen. If you are worried about the seating being durable enough to survive winter, remember you could always store it away. Alternatively, there are ways to weather proof every material, and it isn’t so bad if seating that cost you next to nothing has to be replaced.


Look at palette seating on Pinterest and get inspired. There are also things you can do with water barrels, vintage wicker seating – the choice is yours. You could also change their look every season with different patterns and colours of upholstery if you wanted to, to keep them looking fresh.


Weather Protection

Obviously, in the UK you are going to need some weather protection. It would be nice to think you could have an outdoor kitchen with no weather protection but, this just isn’t the case. So you’re going to want to look into some awning, a plastic cover, proper roof, gazebo or any other type of cover – all of which can be expensive. This is an area worth investing in though, because it makes your parties weatherproof and it keeps your kitchen as protected as possible. Just try to think as practically as possible so you have something that does the job – you can be creative visually elsewhere.


Think Ahead

One good thing to do is to think ahead to modifications you might want to do when you have the cash. So if you plan to lay down natural stone or porcelain tiles on your terrace or patio area make sure you can do that without too much disruption to your outdoor kitchen. Or leave space for a proper covering, or for a brick oven – think ahead to what you would like to do so you don’t have to make huge adjustments when you do it. It is also worth ensuring the decorations you use are as neutral as possible so they don’t become dated within a season. For example; temporary things like upholstery by all means should be bright and on trend, but tiles should be a neutral colour so they provide a good base for changing designs for the space.


Research, Research, Research

With something like this, there are lots of ways to create something beautiful, it is all about your approach and the time you spend looking for solutions. Take the time to think about each feature you want, why you want it and if you could compromise on a lower priced solution, or if you should wait until you can afford the type of feature you really want. Look online, speak to friends, make a scrap book, enquire at suppliers – research will pay off with a project like this.

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