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Our new website has been designed to be responsive to the increasing range of mobile devices used by our customers.

New Responsive Website Launched

The past year has seen enormous growth in the use of mobile devices to browse the internet. To a large extent, this growth has been driven by people wanting continual access to the web from their mobile devices but also just by the growth in the number of smartphones and tablets in use. Today’s internet user has high expectations of a website whatever device they are using and are no longer using them simply for research. More and more people wish to fully engage with a website and make purchasing decisions from their device and expect to be able to find the product or service they want, quickly and easily. This is just as likely to be from the comfort of the sofa as while travelling away from home.

To meet these growing customer expectations, many companies are re-designing their websites to be responsive to a whole range of devices and display their text, images and other media in the most user-friendly way. Décor Tiles, a leading tile and wood flooring specialist, already had an established and growing customer base but were keen to promote their site to new audiences.

The new website, launched in November, is flexible enough to meet the differing needs of any visitor depending on the device they are using and can adapt to provide a great user experience by tailoring the content to the size of screen. It is equally appealing to both trade and retail customers; whether professional tradespeople, interior designers, DIY enthusiasts and homeowners.

Neil Herring, Director of Décor, remarked “We understood the need for a mobile friendly website that would meet the requirements of our existing trade and retail customers and engage more new visitors. The redesign was also an opportunity to better showcase our product range and the services we offer. Décor has been established since 1976 and we wanted the new website to reflect the wealth of experience that the company has built up in the past 37 years as well as the range of tiles and flooring that we offer.”