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Updated 29 June 2018

Many of us might like the idea of a period home full of character but in a northern climate the realities of draughty windows and walls with no insulation means they are hard to heat and to keep warm, and are money pits when it comes to maintenance.


101 Reasons to Buy a New Home

So it’s not surprising that a large percentage of home buyers would prefer a brand new home with good insulation, well-planned layouts that suit family life and inbuilt high-tech gadgetry. People previously swayed by the charms of a period home are increasingly swapping a period home for a new home.

But what other good reasons are there for buying a new home?


Copper Floor and Iron Wall


Here’s our list of 101 reasons to buy a new home.

      1. Smooth, perfectly plastered walls – no more getting out the filler
      2. Smooth, perfectly plastered ceilings
      3. The most up-to-date double glazing that really cuts down on noise
      4. Heat retaining window glass with special coatings to truly minimise heat loss
      5. Well insulated cavity walls that save energy for you
      6. Loft insulation meeting or exceeding current standards – keeping you warm and bills low
      7. Brand new bathroom fittings – all shiny chrome and clean surfaces
      8. Contemporary interiors suited to modern living
      9. Modern bathroom styles
      10. Brand new kitchen worktops, sink and taps


      1. Choice of bath style and size
      2. Options for walk-in, or larger size, shower enclosures
      3. New white goods
      4. En-suite bathrooms as standard
      5. New wall tiles – no cracks or chips
      6. Clean, new grout – no mould in sight
      7. A weed-free garden
      8. Gardens that need minimal maintenance so more time to enjoy them
      9. New landscaping – no more pressure-washing dirty patio slabs
      10. Chance to create a new planting scheme in the garden

101 reasons to buy a new home


      1. Energy efficient building materials
      2. Warmer home in the winter
      3. Cooler home in the summer
      4. Huge saving on energy bills
      5. Modern porcelain tiles in the bathrooms
      6. Options for wood or tile flooring, whatever suits your lifestyle best
      7. Environmentally friendly building materials
      8. Ability to customise interiors and final fittings before completion
      9. New roof tiles – no moss in sight
      10. Well thought out design and layout
      11. Plenty of light


      1. Modern building materials
      2. 10-year NHBC guarantee
      3. Technical construction processes covered by current regulations
      4. Option to choose the kitchen cabinets you want
      5. Option to select kitchen worktops
      6. Choice of major appliances in the kitchen
      7. High indoor air quality due to ventilation regulations
      8. More comfortable living environment, warmer and quieter
      9. Less maintenance required
      10. Open plan living


      1. High quality finish throughout – no DIY quick fixes by the previous owners
      2. Modern style exterior
      3. Designs better suited to modern living
      4. Energy efficient boiler
      5. Thermostatically controlled radiators in each room
      6. Safe, up to date electrical wiring
      7. Modern circuit breakers
      8. Modern fuse boxes
      9. Hard-wired smoke detectors
      10. Wiring and sockets to cope with 21st Century gadgets

Ivory Sand Porcelain Tiles


      1. No risk of old lead piping
      2. No risk of old asbestos based building products
      3. Deep, solid foundations
      4. Not built on land liable to subsidence
      5. Fully tiled bathrooms
      6. Contemporary wood flooring
      7. Power showers
      8. New carpets
      9. Choice of carpets
      10. High security locks on doors
      11. High security locks on windows
      12. That special feel of a brand new home
      13. That new home smell – all clean and fresh
      14. No need to decorate as soon as you move in
      15. More time to enjoy life in the house and out
      16. No need to start the dreaded “to-do” list of improvements
      17. Latest designs of all interior fittings and fixtures
      18. Clean, well-planned streets
      19. Access to additional finance options through the developers
      20. Options for part-exchange of your old home

Dover Taupe Porcelain Tiles


      1. Assistance selling your old home
      2. Design assistance with colours and finishes
      3. Wiring for items such as home cinemas
      4. High-tech security systems
      5. Multi-room audio systems
      6. No cleaning when you first move in
      7. No cobwebs
      8. No dead insects!
      9. A new home is ready to invite guests over straight away
      10. Up-to-the minute construction standards
      11. Advanced construction materials
      12. Cabling for high speed internet access
      13. Able to personalise on a small budget
      14. Well-designed storage space
      15. Easy access to the attic
      16. Usable attic space
      17. Built-in storage in bedrooms
      18. No unexpected costs
      19. No time-consuming updating
      20. Well-designed streetscapes


      1. Contemporary staircase
      2. Contemporary light fittings
      3. Plenty of electrical sockets for all your gadgets
      4. No upward chain of sellers/buyers
      5. Fuss-free conveyancing
      6. The chance to be part of a new community
      7. Financial incentives available to help you buy more easily
      8. No repairs necessary
      9. No need to do any DIY
      10. Hassle-free buying process

And Finally…


      1. Quick exchange and completion


Phew! We’re pretty sure we have thought of everything but if there is something missing then just let us know