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Find out about the most exciting kitchen trends for 2019 to help you ensure your kitchen decor is as modern and beautiful as possible moving into next year.

A trendy kitchen for 2019

The Most Exciting Kitchen Trends for 2019

Many different trends come and go in all areas of decor and the home.

When it comes to kitchens and their style, you can’t just chuck a throw cushion or patterned coaster in there whenever a new trend comes in. Any trend commitments come at a cost. Kitchens need to look good for a long time. Often the goal for most people is ‘timeless’. This makes sense considering the money spent, and the amount of value a new kitchen adds.

However, it is always good to see what is trending so that you can include unique aspects that will stand the test of time, whilst also making your kitchen look modern and beautiful. Take a look at part 1 of our 2 part spotlight on these top kitchen trends for 2019:


Quartz is the countertop material of choice in 2019. It is expensive, but it is also incredibly timeless in its look, and massively durable. Do watch out for its lack of ability to deal with heat, and the expense of any damages that occur. You can shop around to get a good deal. But you should expect the price to always be premium because the product is premium. You could get some better deals with cut offs and extra pieces. You can find these on bidding sites or by talking to suppliers or companies that sell the products new.

Living Walls

Living walls have been cropping up in offices and buildings that are professional for a while. They also always seem to be at the Chelsea Garden Show! They are a fantastic addition to any home. Especially so when the decor is already very light and airy.

You can install small collections that require minimal work. Or you can go the whole hog and get a huge statement piece added (with the help of a designer!)

Do use in spaces with floor tiles not carpets for practicality. And do consider using them in areas where they are unlikely to cut the space down to the detriment of the practical use of that space. IE they shouldn’t be used in a hallway where their extension outwards causes you to have to walk sideways to get through. When applied to the kitchen, they need to be away from heat and electrics so you should have a large space to work with initially.

Statement Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles have moved from neutral geometric. Now wall tiles are there to make a statement.

Choose wall tiles with strong patterns or bold colours to make them a feature of your kitchen, rather than a practical must-have. If you are unsure where to start, there are endless Pinterest folders with different statement kitchen tiles and patterns to peruse.

Even having a coloured wall tile instead of a plain colour is a start and an excellent step towards the trend.

White But Not White

Bright white is a trend next year in décor. But it doesn’t necessarily translate to kitchens. Kitchens have much more personality and attitude now. They might have bright patterned wall tiles or a bold countertop colour choice. You might opt for a dramatic green tone or a natural rusty orange. Basically, there is a lot more room for expression in kitchens of 2019.

Again, you should seek inspiration first before you experiment if you don’t feel confident in what you are doing. The wrong choice of colour and wood could instantly date your kitchen and lower its value. So the decision needs to be well considered.

Banquet Style Seating

Benches are absolutely on trend this year. Tables with single chairs are just not inclusive enough. Long tables which can seat lots of people are in replacement of square or round tables in the kitchen. At the breakfast bar, benches are preferable to single stools. Benches tend to be more comfortable anyway.

Also they look fantastic when integrated with the wall as part of a corner table setup which doubles as a cosy reading corner.

Matte Not Gloss

Often decor reflects other trends and it looks like matte lipstick is not the only matte trend now. Cabinets, woodwork, doors and basically anything that was previously gloss is now matte. This is likely to balance the bigger and bolder colours coming through.

Statement Flooring

It seems every surface is giving the opportunity to make a statement in 2019. But that just means more choice for you and how you want to express yourself. Statement flooring can come in any shape or form, but often designers are using floor tiles. In the kitchen, monochrome is an easy way to make a statement.

A block bold colour is also a great way to keep your statement simple but bright. Alternatively, you can go all the way and use patterned tiles for really exciting flooring.

Dark Kitchens

Bathrooms in 2019 are darker and moodier, and kitchens look set to follow suit. The darker shades are dramatic and more luxurious, bringing a bold switch on the traditional light and bright kitchen base. This is likely to be seen the most in choices like worktops and floor tiles, where a dark or black hue is chosen instead of brighter, more neutral tones or shades.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals is a trend seen throughout the home and the kitchen is the perfect place to play with this interesting advance on just brass or just steel.

Do use complimentary metals and do think carefully about where you use your metals in the kitchen as the wrong combination could result in a look that is more shabby than chic. Metal ‘look’ tiles or paint work can also be part of this trend if you want a lower cost change to your kitchen.

Morocco Moves Into The Kitchen

Moroccan patterns and styles have been coming in and out of the home and outdoor garden spaces for a while. Cushions, textiles and rugs have seen the most action from this exotic trend. But now kitchens are bringing us warmth from the style of this part of the world. Wall tiles and backsplashes are the most likely to be affected by this decor style, but it is an easy way to also incorporate the patterned tile trend easily.

Unique Mixtures

Echoing the Boho theme returning to the home, unique mixtures of cabinets, floor tiles, furniture and accessories are dominating the kitchen scene. Think unexpected combinations and a look totally personal to you. It really is your chance to get creative and express yourself in an area of the home where the expression can often be dominated by the meals alone.

If you are struggling with being expressive in this way, it could be worth taking a look at online images for inspiration. Look at the types of patterns, objects or accessories being combined and use that as a visual template for your own combinations. The key is to be brave. If you’re not experimenting with something expensive like the worktops or the cabinets, then you can afford to make mistakes – and then learn from them.

Bye Bye Stainless Steel

Every design trend has to come to an end at some point before it will no doubt resurface again years or decades later. Stainless steel has been done to death and, with the richer or more substantial metal tones available, it just isn’t the metal of choice at the moment. So when it comes to your kitchen, do choose another metal or choose elements that would have been stainless steel in a patterned or more decorated fashion. Think statement piece with pretty much everything you do in your kitchen.

Cool Cookers

The gorgeous bright colours of Smeg fridges have long been the statement electrical goods that you expect to be in a bright colour. Elsewhere, you never really expect to see an electrical item made in a bright colour. They are usually white, grey or black. Next year you can expect to see the cool bright coloured cookers and hoods being made by trendy brands surfacing in statement kitchens. They look very modern and very cute, and blend right in with kitchens that don’t want to blend in at all.

Kitchen Hygge

Hygge is still very much a ‘thing’ and it applies to all areas of the home, including the kitchen. More light, less clutter, better lighting and lots of convenience to allow for more time enjoying life. Importantly, you should place a focus on the social space of your kitchen. The area of the kitchen where you sit with friends and have a hot cup of tea and laugh about a shared joke. It should be inviting and encourage you to spend time there, making more memories and having special moments with those you love.

Clean Lines

The most contemporary kitchens now have clean lines and don’t involve big, bulky finishes or elaborate moulding. Even Boho inspired spaces are very well considered and will never have endless ornamental pieces. Or lots of items that are huge to look at and take in. The ‘more’ of the bolder colours and patterns need to take centre stage.


Concrete is a design material that has previously been in industrial style homes only, but now it is working in all kinds of kitchens, and in all kinds of ways. It is a budget way to make your kitchen look very trendy, whether you have a concrete worktop or concrete flooring. Just remember to seal the concrete properly and regularly as it is very porous if it is not treated.

Tech-Savvy Kitchens

Technology is eventually going to be as much a part of the home as the walls are. There are smart devices all over the home, but the kitchen is where they seem to be the most integrated. This means that it would be a heavy investment to have technology installed, but to stay on trend, it could be a worthwhile investment.

Cottage Style Drawers

Cottage style kitchens have deep drawers, and deep drawers are definitely back. They provide so much more storage, which in turn contributes to the more streamline, clutter free, Hygge spaces that modern day families want. It is an easy change to make in your kitchen that will not be visible in terms of decoration, but instead it will help make the rest of your kitchen look better because you’ll have more space to store items.

Quirky Sinks

Sinks tend to be one of a few different designs, with the most sought after usually being large farmhouse style types, bought from reclamation yards. However, now that people want to stand out even more, quirky sinks are a thing. Sinks that have unique designs, features and that are made from unexpected materials. Now you have to rummage even further into those reclamation yards to find something that stands out!

This is our round up of the best kitchen trends next year but, it is by no means the full list. There are plenty of colours, patterns, ideas and styles to choose from, and most importantly to make your own. There is a lot of emphasis on unique styles and combinations because there is a need for identity and individualism in decor. Take inspiration from trends and then be brave, be creative and make your kitchen perfect for your family. The result will be an on-trend space that is practical, beautiful and perfectly suited to your needs and taste.







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