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Find out how to adorn a larger home with luxurious Christmas style that looks stunning and chic.

Christmas Decoration

A Guide to Luxury Christmas Home Decor

If you have recently upgraded your home to a larger space, with more rooms, bigger rooms and generally more space to play with, you are likely to feel one of two ways about Christmas. Either you are totally excited to have all this additional space to play with. Or you’re totally overwhelmed to have this additional space to decorate.

Either way, you don’t need to throw yourself in at the deep end straight away. You have your brand new big house now. Your priority is to feel settled and happy in the house all year round. Your kids aren’t going to notice how nice the tree looks on Christmas day when you’re all getting stuck into breakfast sarnies. Or of course, the all important presents!

Keep It Relaxed

Keeping it breezy is a really good approach. So you can be creative and laid back with decorating the space. No need to put the pressure on or tell yourself that your home needs to look professionally done up. Take a look at our ideas guide below. Be creative and be kind to yourself. This is an entirely new space and a new approach to decorating. It doesn’t need to be perfect. But the process of decorating it for Christmas does need to be as stress-free as possible so that you can enjoy yourself. And you do deserve to enjoy yourself.

How To Decorate A Larger Home For Christmas

Get Up Close and Personal With The Space

As your new home is, well, new, you really need to get to grips with the space you have to work with. So far you have been looking at it in relation to everyday living. But looking at it for Christmas is an entirely new perspective. Walk around and take a look at the following:

  • Potential areas for Christmas trees (how many and how high?)
  • The WOW entrance area – the first place people see when they walk in
  • Outdoor decoration areas? Porch/ front garden/ balcony/ decking areas?
  • Outdoor lighting areas
  • Trees/ shrubs and plants for decorations/ lighting
  • How many rooms do you have/ want to decorate?
  • Are there rails/ stairs you can use in your decorating?
  • Furniture to be used for decorating

There might be furniture you want to remove and replace with a tree or decorations over the holidays. There may well be rooms you know you could clear to turn into a Santa’s grotto or a present room. You might have areas that you know are ideal for certain decorations. The more you know, the more aware you are of the potential of your home, the better able you will be to decorate it to its full potential.

Separate Your Spaces

Separate your decoration areas into specific spaces, i.e. front hall Christmas tree area, stairs and banister, front porch and garden. Doing this means you can create a coherent plan for each area rather than feeling like you need to decorate the whole house in one go. Each area will have specific considerations. This means that you can focus on those and meet the needs of each space in easier to digest tasks.

Budget for Everything

Unless you have the cash to have no budget, then you are going to want to give yourself a decorating budget. Try to have a ceiling budget. But look at allowing for about 25% below that as your goal so that you have room for manoeuvre. For example if you get baubles on sale but you see a gorgeous tree you absolutely have to have and it’s about double the price you wanted to pay. The more prepared you are the better. So you can create the look you want without worrying about running out of money to finish the job.

Prepare the House Before Placing Any Decorations

If your new home has broken floor tiles, peeling paint, a messy garden or any other issues that will make even the most gorgeous Christmas decorations look rubbish, you need to address those issues first. A decorator can easily place new kitchen splashback tiles in a day. And it only takes a short time to repaint areas or re-carpet. Addressing those issues first is a really good idea so you have a perfectly clean slate to decorate for Christmas.

Be Practical

When you get a larger house it can be so tempting to literally burst Christmas in every space, getting the biggest everything and the most sparkly, outlandish decorations available because now you have the space for them.

Unfortunately that kind of approach not only results in a messy look that you’re unlikely to enjoy, but it could also make your home incredibly impractical. A massive tree dropping its needles in the hallway will be painful underfoot and cause a lot more cleaning than you probably want. Gifts in a window visible to anybody walking past even if they are fake, will attract burglars. Low hanging decorations that dangle could be a nightmare if you have pets.

You have to be practical about your decorating in order to create something that looks great, but that also works for your family during the festive period.

Make The Most Of What You Didn’t Have Before

The most exciting part of your Christmas decorating this year is the bits of your new house that you didn’t have in your old house. More than likely you have a grand entrance hall you can embellish for that WOW moment when guests walk in. Maybe you also have a conservatory, a pool, a large living room or other great spaces that you haven’t had before. This is really exciting news for your Christmas decorating plans and you absolutely should make the most of these new spaces.

Keep It Concise

The easiest way to get your Christmas plans for your new, bigger house off to a great start is to keep everything concise. Pick a colour scheme and a theme so that you have something to guide your purchase choices. You might want to go traditional Nutcracker, or full modern with white and black. It all depends on your style. What is really exciting is that your new home can take much more elaborate decorations than a small home because you have more space. You can create a complete nativity scene if you want to. Or you could go dramatic with an elaborate snow scene. Of course none of this is compulsory. But it is nice to know that you have such a broad range of choices to pick from. And to know you can be that bit more creative.

Get Help If You Need It

It is entirely possible that you might feel overwhelmed by the new space that you have. If you do feel like your efforts for planning the space fall short then you could always get some help. There are designers who will create a plan for you to then work from. Or of course people who will do the entire space up for you. But that will cost a lot more.

A little help recognising the potential in the space the first Christmas you decorate it could help set you up for a much more professional look compared to attempting to make it look great without feeling confident that you can.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be a Copycat

There is nothing wrong with being a copycat when you need some inspiration. Take a look at the following resources for inspiration in decorating your larger home:

The more inspiration you get from homes that have their looks nailed, the more tips you can take for your own home and getting your own family home nailed.

Get the Basics Right

Some basic rules apply when decorating any space. As long as you get these rules right, you can succeed in decorating a space of any size:

Get the Christmas Tree Size Right

A Christmas tree that is too short will make the space look barren and empty. Too big and it will overwhelm the space. Even if the space is really big. You want a tree that makes its mark visually, but that doesn’t obstruct anything like a door or a picture.

Think of it like hanging a picture. The picture is too small and it looks really little and highlights how empty the rest of the space is. The picture is too big and it overwhelms the wall and makes the space seem crowded. You’re looking for the perfect picture to wall ratio. And with your tree, you’re looking for the perfect tree to room ratio.

If the area you are placing the tree is really big and you have no idea how to size the tree, get somebody in to help you who works with houses your size. A good tip is to ask the neighbours with similar sized homes to yours how they size a tree for their house.

Get The Lighting Right

Christmas is all about the lights. If you can get the lighting right, everything else will follow. Fairy lights are your best friend at Christmas. Around the banister, around the tree, around the shrubs outside – you cannot go overboard with gentle lighting at Christmas. Just be careful to avoid going too far with lights of a colour like red or green as you could make things look a little dark and dingy. If in doubt, opt for white fairy lights as they always look romantic and classic.

Pay Attention to Detail

The best interior design always pays attention to detail, regardless of the size of the house. Little details like personalised decorations, high quality tinsel and clean baubles free from smudges will add to the ‘polish’ of your Christmas decor. Even if you have the most basic decorations, if you do them well, you will be guaranteed to have a really nice display in your home.

Enjoy the Process

The process of putting the decorations up is as big a deal in some families as Christmas day itself. If you enjoy the process of putting decorations on the tree, of making paper chains, of buying a new Christmas decoration, then you really can’t go wrong with your display because you’ve already made some amazing memories. The result doesn’t matter when the process is so rewarding.

Stick With What You Love

If you work hard to have Christmas decorations that look stunning in your new home, then you will have a gorgeous display. But is it what you want?

A flawless Christmas display is ideal for a catalogue but the best parts of annual Christmas decorations are the really personal bits that make it your Christmas display. This rule applies regardless of the size of your home. The bauble your Grandma gave you, the tradition of leaving mince pies and port out for Santa on the table in the hall, the paper chains you stick to the ceiling in the living room. Your Christmas display can be beautiful and personal of course. But if you have to choose, always go with the Christmas decorations that are sentimental because Christmas is about the memories and the emotions, not the materialism.

Your Larger House Will Look Beautiful This Christmas, As Long As You Remember What Is Important

Your new, larger home is going to look beautiful this Christmas. All you need to do is be kind to yourself and recognise that you don’t have to get it right first time around.

Sticking to sentimentality, basic decorating rules, and also having some fun with it, will guarantee you some amazing memories. Even if your display doesn’t make the grade this year. Come Christmas morning, when your kids are playing in the living room with their new things, and you’re sipping some bucks fizz checking the clock for the next turkey basting alarm, you’ll be smiling because of the memories you’re making, not because your Christmas display is beautiful.

Have fun, and be creative, the least you’ll make is memories, and the most you’ll make is some amazing Christmas displays for your new house.


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