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If you want to turn your home into a luxury home, these tips will help you feel inspired regardless of your home size or budget size.


Turning an Ordinary Home into a Luxury Home


A lot of us would love to live in a luxury home. For some, that can become a reality, with additions like swimming pools, hot tubs, games rooms and more. For others, luxurious additions like those mentioned above are aspirational, and something to work towards in the future. For anyone looking to add luxury to their home, there are many different ways to achieve that, regardless of your budget. From simple cost-effective changes, to huge costly renovations, there’s always a way to make your home even more luxurious. In this guide we look at little touches, and big changes you can make to turn any ordinary home into a luxury home.


Little Touches


Often, real luxury is all about the little details, and so, no matter what size your home is, or what the current style is, a few very simple changes can bring a real air of opulence to the home.


Indoors Meets Outdoors


A fresh and open feeling is often associated with a luxurious property, which is why many luxury properties are open plan or have high ceilings. Of course, open plan properties are now much more desirable than they were and represent the height of modern living. Even if your property isn’t open plan, you can still help bring the outdoors in with little touches about the house. Fresh flowers are a great option, and you can display them in any way you like, they will look fantastic wherever you place them. Place them in vintage jugs and vases for a more quirky look, or opt for large glass cases for a more sophisticated look. Aim for flowers with a scent to add even more ambience to your home.


tiles in the home


If you’re not as interested in fresh flowers, another wonderful way to decorate a home is with plants. Walled ‘gardens’ are a great option, presenting plants in vintage hangers or crates you can add to the wall. A succulent garden is a great idea if you have a habit of neglecting plants, bringing greenery to your home without any effort. If you’re into a more colourful ‘living’ display, use fruit and vegetables to add some freshness to your home. Big glass bowls full of limes and lemons, or mini shelving units with fruit stored on it, will add some life and colour to your home.



Most luxury homes do not have a problem with clutter. Less definitely is more when it comes to luxury and whilst it is perfectly OK to have a messy drawer or if you are a Friends fan, a ‘Monica cupboard’, the areas that are on show should not be cluttered at all. Top tips for tidying up clutter include:


  • Getting rid of anything you don’t use, don’t like or that is ‘spent’
  • Tidying up wiring and other messy tech
  • Use clever storage to store items you need but that you don’t necessarily want on show




Technology is part of every modern luxury home, and you will notice that the technology is always displayed or integrated in a way that it forms part of the room, it is never out of place. Having your TV integrated into the wall might seem like a big expensive job, but it is actually relatively inexpensive and will give you back the space your TV and TV stand took up in the room. Or for the ultimate high-tech gadget what about looking at televisions for bathrooms – these are special waterproof designs that withstand humidity and come with heated screens to prevent misting.



Lighting makes such a huge different to how luxurious a home looks. A stunning bathroom with designer wall tiles and floor tiles won’t look quite as beautiful with a single downlight shining on it. Lighting can actually make a home look completely different and it makes a home so much more functional, especially when it adds lots of different uses to one space. Recessed lighting in floor tiles, fairy lights, wall lights and more – there are endless lighting options for every room. Lets not forget about natural light as well, as the more natural light you have in the home the better. Declutter windowsills to let the light in with a ‘maximum of one pot plant per windowsill’ rule.



The colours you use in your home have a big effect on how luxurious it looks. White might seem like a great option but, it may well end up making your home a bit boring, and luxury isn’t usually boring. It makes sense to use high quality natural materials and tones for a beautiful setting, but don’t be afraid to use rich, deep tones on top. Your accessories and soft furnishings should be layered, textured and bold.


Art & Ornaments

Art and ornaments are the details that will take your home in a luxurious direction, as long as you get them right. With vintage accessories try to opt for true vintage class, over faddy vintage upcycled type objects, unless they are really well made. As a general rule, any item that has been handcrafted tends to be a more luxurious looking option. With art, there are no rules, it is very personal what you choose to display. Usually it is more about how you display it than what you display. For example; a pretty macro photograph of part of a flower will look so much more incredible and special in a specially selected frame. Don’t be afraid to hang up lots of art either, just be sure to play with frame sizes and types.


Flooring Matters

Often when we look at adding luxury to the home we look around and above, and never actually pay attention to what we are walking on. This is a mistake as flooring is often something we notice first about a room, because we walk into a room and our feet are in contact with the floor. We naturally check out the flooring because we like to prepare our feet to know what they are walking on. Flooring also frames a room as it provides the base on which we set furniture. There are lots of options for room flooring, but as a general rule when it comes to luxury, choose the best you can afford. Carpets are great, but mostly hard flooring like stone floor tiles and hardwood floor tiles are the most luxurious and longstanding options that look wonderful with well chosen rugs. Underfloor heating is another easy change to make to add luxury to a room.


Chase New Homes Tiled Hallway

Bigger Changes

It may be that you have the budget and the want to make bigger changes to turn your home into a luxury home. This is extremely exciting and means you have a lot of fun research ahead of you, and that really is the key. Research is so important when you are looking to make major purchases and make major changes to your home. The wrong builder, architect or supplier can mean have disastrous consequences affecting safety, affecting your current home, affecting the money you have to spend, and ultimately determining whether or not you regret your investment. There are many, many options available for you if you are looking to actively renovate your home and transform it into a luxury home.

A Swimming Pool

A private pool has to be the ultimate luxury doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to do their morning exercise in their own pool before sitting on their private sun lounger to enjoy a post-workout smoothie, all within a few steps of your own bed? If you are thinking about having a swimming pool installed there are a lot of things you need to think about:


Ascot Tiles Indoor Pool Area



Indoor pools tend to be the better option in the UK because of the weather, but you can always place them inside a glass extension which gives you a taste of the outdoors without having to worry about how they affect your use of the pool. The cheapest option for a pool however, is a pool outside that sits above ground, which for the smallest option could cost you as little as £3,000 pounds. A higher end outdoor swimming pool will likely cost you anything from £25,000 pounds. If you’re looking at a top end pool then the price will start at above £60,000 pounds.

Planning Permission

Your pool may need planning permission depending on where you want it and where you live. You should check with your local authority before making plans to have one installed.


Heating is one of the biggest costs of a swimming pool. There are lots of different ways for you to heat your pool including renewable energy setups that will cost you more up front, but that will save you a lot of money in the long run.


Pool maintenance can be as easy or as difficult as the set up you want to invest in. You can have a setup where you check the pH and chlorine levels yourself, or you can get an automatic dosing system and an app that helps you remotely check your pools chemical levels. You can even get a pool salt system instead if you want a more chemical free option.

Whatever you do, be sure to do a lot of research before you move forward with any plans, as a swimming pool is a truly luxurious, but extensive home renovation.


A Games Room

A games room is a perfect luxury addition to a home if you’re wanting a room that pleases everyone. You could have a games room/ disco room complete with funky lighting and speaker setup. Or how about your own private bar, a football table, pool table or ping pong table? This is the kind of luxury room you can really go wild with when it comes to your personal style.


A Glass Extension

A room with glass work is a really lovely addition to any home. Conservatories and sunrooms are a great choice, but for the ultimate luxurious choice opt for an orangery. An orangery is bigger than a conservatory and tends to be more ornate than a conservatory, and more of a separate room to the rest of the home. Just remember to check with the Planning Portal as to the kind of permission you will need to build a glass extension onto your home.


Glass Extension

Image courtesy of


A Home Gym

A home gym is the perfect addition to your home if you love to look after your body. No need to brave the cold or waste precious working out time commuting to the local gym, you just grab your water bottle and walk into your own private home gym. Even better, install a water cooler in your gym so you can enjoy refreshing spring water to stay hydrated throughout your workout. From expensive weight sets, tv screens, music systems and high tech electric exercise machines, your gym can be as luxurious and extensive as you want it to be.


A Garden Log Cabin

Summerhouses are a thing of the past, and if you’re looking for luxury you are unlikely to want a pimped up shed, in which case you might want to consider your own garden log cabin. Your very own back garden getaway could be complete with sauna and hot tub and cosy lounger bed area for you and your significant other to relax and unwind. Incorporate a lot of glass into the design to connect the space with the outdoors, and consider adding a decking area so you can use the cabin as a base in the garden for complete outdoor and indoor relaxation.


Hopefully you are feeling inspired to give your home a luxurious feel with some of the tips and ideas mentioned above. Remember, whatever your budget your home can be luxurious, as long as you take the time and effort to plan properly. With a little creativity and a lot of research, your home is going to be as opulent as an A lister’s in no time!



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