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If you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom, it’s worth taking a look at this year’s trends for some inspiration – from savvy water control to freestanding baths.


Top Bathroom Design Trends


The year is certainly coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your bathroom overhaul plans on hold. It can be difficult to think up a bathroom design on your own, especially when you have to think about creating one that will suit the entire household and not just you. However, there’s lots of inspiration out there to enjoy, and some of the trends from this year are certainly great starting points.

Here are the top bathroom design trends for this year:


Nature found its way into the home via interior design this year, and the bathroom doesn’t escape this wonderful ‘outside in’ trend. Nature works particularly well in bathrooms because it’s so serene and calming, exactly what we want from this type of space. Use natural materials and incorporate them into the bare bones of the room, like wooden feature walls and stone floor tiles. These natural materials suit any colour scheme, which means they will stand the test of time and won’t date quickly.

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Feature Floor Tiles

There’s never a bad time to make a statement with your floor tiles, especially when you’re restricted with creativity in the other areas of the room. Feature floor tiles are a fabulous way to make a statement in this practical room, without overwhelming the space or making it look any smaller. Feature floor tiles can look stunning and are perfect for rooms where there’s no particular wall that will suit being a feature wall. In small bathrooms feature floor tiles add style, in larger ones they add elegance. Basically, they provide a really great design addition to any kind of bathroom.

Living Things

A big trend in bathrooms this year are ‘living walls’ which are literally, walls full of plants. This can be quite a strong feature and isn’t for everyone. To incorporate this trend without bringing an entire wall to life, consider introducing indoor plants to the bathroom. Cascading creepers are a fabulous type of plant that takes up minimal pot room, but spreads maximum foliage across the space. For a more sophisticated look, try potted succulents or even a mini vertical garden.


Baths In The Bedroom

In the most luxurious hotels and houses, there always seems to be a bath in the bedroom. En-suites are just too enclosed – real decadence brings the bathroom into the bedroom. If you have a large bedroom and a bit of spare cash, it might be worth considering getting a freestanding bath plumbed in. Alternatively a raised or lowered section with a square bath or corner bath would certainly provide luxury and an exciting bedroom feature.

Tech Savvy Water Control

Basic water controls are for yesteryear as new technology brings us much more control over our water. From apps or inbuilt features that enable us to select our perfect bath settings and get them running while we’re still on our way home, to touchscreen operated showers. Times are moving forward, and technology is bringing a high level of convenience to all areas of our homes, why not embrace it?

Geometric Tiles

Geometric floor tiles or wall tiles are a fabulous way to add interest, texture and fun to an otherwise neutral space without overwhelming it.

Other big trends are:

  • Bigger showers
  • Sustainability (this is one trend that is only set to keep getting bigger)
  • Matchy matchy – bathroom styles that match the rest of the home
  • Grey (obviously)

Remember, the easiest way to redecorate a bathroom without making it so trendy it’s going to go out of fashion before the year is out, is to use trend ideas as inspiration, not as set rules for design. Your taste should be the deciding factor in creating your bathroom as you’re going to be the one using it. Think about practicality first, your wants and needs second and tie both together with inspiration from trends you love.

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