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We don’t always have the time, money or inclination to just add some special touches to our homes, but here are some really simple ideas that won’t take long or cost too much to do but could make all the difference to your living space…

Super Simple Ways To Brighten Up Your Home

When you’re strapped for cash or feeling rather uncreative, it can be difficult to think about ways to brighten up your home. Perhaps you are unable to spend much on any new features, or you want to update features you already have without putting too much time and effort in. Well luckily for you we have these fantastic, simple tips to help you brighten up your home easily:


Clean Your Windows


This sounds extremely simple, but it is often an area of home cleaning that gets regularly neglected. This is generally because cleaning the windows is no easy feat and involves quite a lot of physical effort. However, it is an activity with a big pay off. Why? Because your windows let the light into your home, and if your windows are dirty you not only restrict the light coming into your home, but you will have grubby windows that make even the nicest surrounding walls and decor look less than impressive. So grab some window cleaner and get that window polished, and don’t forget the frame surrounding the window. For the outside windows pay someone to come and give them a clean once a month. You could do it yourself with ladders but it can be very difficult and time consuming.


Clean Your Grout

cleaning groutWhen wall tile grout or floor tile grout gets grubby, it can make the entire finished look of a tiled surface look unclean. When you don’t use grout sealer, it’s easy for grout to stain, degrade or grow mould. The simple solution is to always use grout sealer, however, if you never did, you’re probably already wondering what to do with your stained grout. Firstly look up Youtube tutorials on how to clean grout. Try natural solutions first, then stronger solutions. Basically try everything before you give up. It may be the case you won’t be able to clean your grout, in which case you will need to replace it which is a slightly more laborious task – nonetheless, it’s worth it to get your grout looking good as new again.


Change The Curtains, Cushions And Bedding


new cushionsWhen you can’t afford new flooring or a new bathroom suite, sometimes it’s nice to invest the money you do have in freshening the house up. And what better way to do that than to invest in some new curtains and bedding. Curtains frame the windows where your light comes in so if they are tatty or grubby they immediately bring the decor down. Your bed is the feature of your sanctuary, the place you dream so it needs to look lovely. And cushions are dotted around your whole house, so can either blend in or bring some excitement to any room.


Choose curtains that are either a few shades lighter or a few shades darker than the walls in the room and get some with a colourful pattern on if you want to add a colour pop. Don’t know which colour pop to choose? Pick out a non-dominant colour in the room like an orange in the rug or blue in a picture and echo that in the curtain pattern.


With your cushions you can be as daring as you like. How about some thick textured rope cushions or rainbow crochet cushions? They’re cushions, not marriage – they’re not a lifelong commitment so have fun with them!


With your bedding, rather than buy another patterned piece, why not opt for a few block colour sets (sheet, quilt and pillows all match). That way you can easily add funky throws and cushions that contrast with them and they won’t become dated so quickly. Plus you can mix and match them together to create your own funky colour combinations. 

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