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With each new season comes a fresh new batch of interior design trends, ready to set your designing imagination on fire.

Spring/ Summer Interior Design Trends

Here are some of the top Spring/Summer interior design trends:



This season it is key you think beyond your colour scheme and embrace textures in all their glory. Why not layer your textures like you layer your colours, creating depth and excitement to your interior.

As most homes are dominated by the same general themes of glass, wood, porcelain or carpeted floors and flat plastered walls, this season try and play with all the different textures available to you. Consider using textured floor tiles instead of smooth polished porcelain, or combine earthy wooden fixtures and ridged metal lighting finishes. For accessories, try making your themes 3D, for example, if you have smooth interior wall surfaces try adding some wall art which is highly textured.


interior design trends example - pastel blue tilesPastels

Pastels are absolutely huge in both interior design and fashion at the moment, and who doesn’t love a 50’s duck egg blue? Pastels can work really well in any room, particularly lending themselves to kitchens and bedrooms. If you’ve got predominantly neutral colours, this could be the ideal way for you to soften the room without making any drastic changes; it introduces colour but not in an overpowering way. Try using modern pastel accessories in combination with a few complementary retro or vintage pieces to really draw the style out.



Another trend that has found its way into fashion and interior design, ombre is a truly revolutionary trend that’s set to shake up colour schemes everywhere. Consider using ombre wall tiles, with colours graduating from light to dark, to turn a flat colour scheme into a piece of art. You’ll find it creates quite a calming effect and only needs neutral accessories to highlight it.



Metal is absolutely everywhere and meets the textured trend in the form of battered copper and pummelled pewter. Gold and silver seems to rule the interior roost but it needs to be carefully used in order for it to really make an impact. Consider a large piece as a textured wall interest in your hallway or living area, or using some classic gold and silver accessories to glam up your bathroom. Copper coloured lamp shades look absolutely stunning set against wood effect porcelain floor tiles and smooth, curvaceous furniture.



Interesting geometric patterns come and go in the world of interior design and often take on different forms which become associated with a specific time period. Geometric patterns are very on trend this season and add visual texture and depth to a room. Try experimenting with interesting rugs and wall hangings to bring out other surfaces. A simple, pastel geometric rug will look absolutely gorgeous on wood effect porcelain tiles, enhancing the natural colouring of the floor. Some colourful hexagonal floor tiles can also add fun and interest to an otherwise neutral kitchen or bathroom. You could even add wall tiles to rooms you may not usually consider tiling like a child’s playroom or a bedroom.

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