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Small kitchens look cute but it can be difficult to know how to make the most of them. Here we look at ways to make a small kitchen work for you visually and practically.


Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen


Anyone who has ever lived in a small apartment knows that cooking in a tiny kitchen can be challenging to say the least. Aesthetically small kitchens look cute, but practically they can feel claustrophobic, cluttered (especially if you have to share them with someone else) and truly impractical. However, your small kitchen is something you have to deal with right now, which means making the most of it.

Here are some tips to help you do that:

Keep It Bright And Airy

It is the same rule for every single interior space – keep it light and airy if you want it to look bigger. Cabinets, floor tiles, wall tiles, walls – keep your key features and overall theme in light bright colours like pastels or neutrals. It is of course, totally fine (and great) to add the odd splash of colour with a feature wall, vintage wall tiles or bold coloured accessories.


design ideas for small kitchens


Consider Adding Some Art

Kitchen art doesn’t have to be kitschy or boring, it can actually be really cute and bring a bit of creative flow to the room. Inspirational quotes are a great idea, as are pop art food prints, or original photographs you have taken yourself of food closeups.

Ditch The Clutter

If you want to streamline a space, you have to get rid of clutter. Tupperware boxes with no lids, mugs you don’t love, decorations you hate and that have no practical purpose – be ruthless and be amazed at the space you will create.


Make Practical Items Double As Decorations

Items like cookbooks, storage jars and pans might look cluttered as they are, so you need to put a creative spin on how they look to make them look more aesthetically pleasing. Pans could hang from a handmade pan hanger, your jars could store cupboard staples like rice or pasta, your cookbooks could be stacked on a reclaimed shelf – try to be creative with the display of your items.



Get Fresh

Sometimes it just takes a little freshen up to make a kitchen look and feel brighter. Give it a good spring clean when you are decluttering, getting every single space completely clean and brightened up, even re-grouting the wall tiles or painting over wall smudges if you need to. Swap your grubby old teatowels for new ones and consider adding some herb plants or a vase of fresh flowers to the room.

Let The Light In

If you have some blinds that smother natural light, too many pot plants taking up the only window, or your windows are grubby – you’re blocking all the light from outside. Get the windowsill cleared, the windows cleaned and swap the blinds for rollup blinds or even some kitsch net curtains, the more natural light in the room, the bigger and fresher the space will feel.








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