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Here we look at planning a kitchen, and what to include in a truly luxurious kitchen to make it worthy of a real investment.


Luxury Living Requires a Magnificent Kitchen


Luxury living involves a lot of wonderful things, all of which make your home life more comfortable, convenient and in some cases, wonderfully indulgent. One area of the house needs particular attention when it comes to harnessing the perfect luxury look and feel, and that is the heart of the home, the kitchen. Perhaps you’re sick and tired of your current kitchen, you know it needs updating, you want it to ooze luxury, and you know scuffed doors, peeling countertops and worn flooring simply doesn’t say anything more than ‘tired’ and ‘boring’. It’s time for a change, but how do you go about it? Do you opt for a package deal, or go the extra mile and get an opulent bespoke luxury kitchen? Luxury kitchens certainly bring a lot of benefits beyond the desire for convenience and stunning aesthetics. Spending more up front saves you money in time, is likely to add more value to your property, will bring the quality of your entire home up, improve your enjoyment of the space, and make life a lot easier with modern technology and integrated living features.

Howarth Homes Kitchen

Signs You Need To Invest In A Luxury Kitchen


  • You Need A New Kitchen

If you need a new kitchen, and you want to raise the luxury level in your home, you’re ripe for a wonderful, magnificent kitchen.


  • You Want Something Different

Perhaps you want designer tiles, a rare wood countertop, or a style you simply haven’t seen elsewhere. In this case, you need a bespoke kitchen that incorporates all of the high quality details you have your eye on.


  • You Want True Lasting Quality

Having a new kitchen fitted takes time, and can really disrupt the house. It isn’t something you want to go through regularly because it disrupts everything. For that reason, a luxury kitchen is a great idea because the quality of the products is high. Sure you have to pay more upfront, but in the long run, you’re looking at a kitchen designed and built to last.


  • Your Home Or Kitchen Area Is Unusual

Perhaps you have an unusual shaped kitchen, or your home is listed or period and what you can do to it is restricted. Either way, you will need a bespoke kitchen made that fits properly and gives you true luxury within the constraints of your property. In situations like this, kitchen packages will present a lot of problems. Don’t try and fit a square peg in a round hole.


  • You Want To Invest In Your Property

If you want to invest in your property and get a return, the kitchen is the place to put your money. It is the heart of the home and even if everywhere else is immaculate but you clearly need a new kitchen, buyers will be put off because it is such a faff to redo, and it is so expensive to replace.

Luxury Kitchen with large white porcelain tiles

What Defines A Luxury Kitchen?

You may wonder exactly what a luxury kitchen is, after all, pretty much all kitchen sellers use the word luxury freely when advertising even the most basic of kitchens. Luxury is an over-used and abused word that really, is regularly used when it shouldn’t be. So it makes sense you should be confused about the definition of a luxury kitchen. The perception of luxury kitchens and what they are defined as can change. Different selling techniques, along with advances in materials and technology, plus each person’s idea of luxury, all make for an ever changing scope of luxury kitchen definition. For this reason, it is important to always remember that, regardless of what you think luxury means, at the end of the day if you’re willing to pay for luxury, then it means whatever you want it to mean. However, generally accepted standards suggest that a luxury kitchen is:


Flexible & Malleable To Your Needs

When a kitchen is described as luxurious, it should have no limitations. Customers wanting a luxurious kitchen want to have almost limitless designs, technology, colours, products and finishes to choose from. Suppliers are constantly getting more rare, unique, exciting materials, products and features added to their options, so that they continue to be flexible to the buyers wants and needs.


Enjoyable To Use & Be In

Luxury kitchens tend to be really lovely to be in. Kitchens used to be much more practical, whereas now, kitchens are practical but also designed to be somewhere we want to hang out, entertain, cook and simply enjoy.


High Quality

Luxury means high quality, usually involving many exquisite finishes and materials adorning each and every surface. Exotic tiles, designer gadgets, technology, accessories – everything is high quality.


High Functionality

Any kitchen should be functional, but luxurious kitchens have much more detail, making them highly functional. There might be more heavy duty equipment like expensive juicers, ice makers and tech that make using the kitchen an incredibly convenient experience. There might even be two fridges, hobs, anything you can think of that makes it a more functional space.


Supporting Healthy Living

The trend in healthy living hasn’t bypassed decor and home design, especially with kitchens. Supremely high quality juicers, blenders, filtered water coolers and even areas for growing herbs, cooking teppanyaki or dehydrating vegetables aren’t uncommon in a luxury kitchen.


Integrated Living

Technology is all about integrated living and the kitchen is a key area for this to happen. In the most luxurious kitchens you will find all the tech is connected, and clever technology and lighting is incorporated.


Eco-Friendly Living

Eco features are chic, important and homeowners want them, and for good reason, they add to the value of homes and they reduce the carbon footprint of the house. With luxury kitchens it is common for features to be eco-friendly . LED lights, low impact materials and accessories that use less energy, are all popular.

luxury kitchen - white porcelain tiles

Planning Your Luxury Kitchen

If you’re considering having your very own luxury haven in the heart of your home, you have a lot to think about. Layouts, kitchen use, kitchen materials; there is a lot to choose and plan.



With luxury kitchen layouts, you will likely be considering the most common shapes; I shaped kitchens, L shaped kitchens and C shaped kitchens. I shaped kitchens suit open plan flats and apartments, but can also be applied to any space where perhaps space conservation is warranted as it leaves a lot of free floor space. It commonly uses one row of kitchen counters, or two and works really well with narrow kitchen spaces. Clearly open plan is ideal, but sometimes you can’t knock the walls down so an I shaped kitchen saves a lot of space and is a good alternative. Luxury L shaped kitchens work well in homes where additional accessories or features like an island, wine cooler or breakfast bar are desired whereas C shaped kitchens which use three rows of counters, are great for people who do lots of cooking and want lots of counter space. They also work well when a property is shared by a large family and various people want to use the kitchen at once. Islands can be integrated into this shape as well, and all layouts are a rough guide, especially in bespoke designs.


Ergonomics & The Golden Triangle

Anyone who has looked into getting a kitchen has heard of the golden triangle, as it offers prime ergonomics for the kitchen design. It relates to how you will use the kitchen, something you should think carefully about to make sure the design serves your specific needs. Think about:


  • How much cooking you usually do
  • What kind of cooking you commonly do (baking, lots of chopping, blending etc)
  • How many people use the kitchen
  • How many people you would like to be able to use the kitchen comfortably
  • What technology you would like to be integrated into the kitchen
  • Specific features you are excited about
  • Which conveniences mean the most to you


You have to consider these things in order to get your golden triangle. The triangle makes it easy to get from the three key areas of a kitchen easily and quickly. Your key areas may differ to somebody else’s, so the standard triangle might not work for you, which is why you need to know how you want to use the kitchen so your triangle can indeed become golden.



Good kitchens have a lot of storage, luxury kitchens have bespoke storage that is designed to hold specific items like wine, or wine glasses. To have an idea of the type of storage most useful to you, take a look at your current kitchen. Do you have plenty of wine racks? Do you have a blender you don’t use, or loads of accessories you do use but with nowhere to store them? Are your plates all stacked so you struggle to get to the one at the bottom? Figure out what you really don’t use, what you do use a lot, what you would like to use, and what you would like to be integrated into your new kitchen. Look at your current setup for clues.


It is important to consider practicality before design. As tempting as it might be to work around a rare marble worktop, or designer floor tiles, you don’t want to end up with a gorgeous kitchen that makes life hard for you.


Luxury Kitchen Must Haves


There are certain features most luxury kitchens have, and if you’re considering investing in a magnificent kitchen, you’re going to want to consider adding some of these must haves:



High end technology is so important for luxury kitchens. From digital recipe readers, to speakers you can programme to play songs on through your iPhone – connected living is abmust for any luxury kitchen owner.


A Cool Room

Cool rooms are big walk in fridges, like they have in restaurants. With many people storing more fruit and veg than they used to, along with juices and wine, cool rooms make a lot of sense when fridges aren’t big enough.


Water Units

Many people desire the freshest, most filtered water these days. Water units provide the freshest water boiling hot and cold, as well as frozen or even sparkling. In some instances you might even find the tank connected to the top of the hob to fill pans up.


Easy Access Cabinets

Cabinets that bash and bang open and shut wear down easily, aren’t very nice to use and don’t fit the modern luxury kitchen style. In the most modern kitchens, cabinets are hands free and are designed to open and close at a touch, no pulling or pushing needed.


Wine Fridges

Wine Fridges are becoming much more common in standard kitchens, let alone in luxury ones where they are expected to be integrated.



Gadgets are usually very high quality, and commonly relate to a way of living, such as a juicer, blender and soup maker, spiralizer or dehydrator. The gadgets you have can be a status symbol, as well as something that makes using your luxury kitchen fun and convenient.



Your Luxury Kitchen Is Waiting For You

If you want to invest in your property, providing you and your family with the most luxurious, convenient and liveable kitchens around, then it is time to consider a luxury kitchen. A luxury home cannot be considered truly luxurious without a modern, gadget filled, opulently designed, ergonomic kitchen. It might be a big investment, but you’re investing in a return on more than just money. If you design it right, you will get happiness, wonderful aesthetics, exciting gadgets, sumptuous materials, and extremely convenient cooking and entertaining in return. Some things you just can’t put a price on.


Take your time with the design, materials selection, ergonomic consideration and especially with budgeting and selecting the right designer. Taking your time will ensure you get the most incredible kitchen designed to keep the whole family happy for a very long time.

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