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If you are planning a new kitchen don’t just follow the latest trends or worry about improving the resale value; just install a kitchen that you love.

Why You Should Love your Kitchen Design

The media is littered with strong opinions on redesigning your kitchen with resale in mind, rather than love for your own personal design. Of course it is possible to create a neutral design that you love, but what if some fancy ceramic tiles have taken your eye that you know won’t appeal to potential buyers? Or you’ve fallen in love with some vintage style wallpaper that really only appeals to your taste rather than the mass market?


Unfortunately, certain well known home renovation experts featured on TV has really promoted the idea of designing for resale rather than designing with your own taste in mind, and so, many kitchens are created with a somewhat distinct lack of passion. If you are renting out a property by all means focus on the neutral and think about the mass market, but if you’re not planning on selling your own home any time soon, why not have a little fun with your kitchen design?


Tiles are most definitely a long term investment and if you do decide to relocate they won’t be the easiest or the cheapest to replace. But the opportunity to really invest your heart in the design of your kitchen shouldn’t be wasted, after all, you only live once!

kitchen design

Here are a few reasons you should use your heart rather than your head when designing your kitchen:



Designing a kitchen should be fun, especially if it is your first opportunity to do so. The less fun bits like budgeting and considering practicalities like electricity points and so on should be dealt with first so you have real reason to throw caution to the wind when you’re browsing frills and finishes. Remember that it’s a great position to be in and you should enjoy every second of it from white goods to floor tiles. Every detail is a chance to smile and explore your tastes and ideas.



The chances are if you don’t have much creativity in the first place, you won’t be savouring the idea of designing your own kitchen. Most people who shudder at the thought of interior design shy away from creativity, instead opting for ready made designs. If you are the creative type, unleash your artistic flair! Enjoy playing house and pulling all the elements together to create your dream kitchen. If you’re not creative in the slightest, think practically and you’re bound to find some hidden passions for design, even if it is just over the shape of the sink or the fact the new toaster is see through.



This is your kitchen and your chance to imprint yourself and your family onto its style. If it really is the heart of your home, you can truly inject passion and love into all the elements, down to every single decoration and feature. Take ownership over this area and really think about what you love and what represents you as a person. You could make a mood board or collect pictures from interior design magazines or websites. Remember the only person whose opinion matters is yours and it’s rare in life you’re able to say that.


Essentially it’s time to be extremely selfish and follow your heart, you’ll be surprised at the love you can feel for one room when you’ve truly injected love into its creation.

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