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Ceramic or porcelain tiling is a material which provides your home with many benefits. Here we look at some of the main benefits and reasons to update your home with tiles.

Key Reasons To Update Your Home With Tiles

If you’re considering renovating your home or making some adjustments, adding tiles could be a fantastic choice. There are so many different materials, textures, styles and colours to choose from you can’t really go wrong. There is bound to be a design that works for you. Tiling is able to refresh your home making is appealing to all, whilst also providing a very personal sense of style. Some tile designs can even change how a room feels, or how big or small it looks. Tiles can also make a home more hypoallergenic, and areas with tiling are much easier to maintain compared to a surface like carpet or even wooden flooring.


Here are some of the key reasons to update your home with tiles:


To Change The Size Of A Room


Of course tiles can’t physically change the size of a room, but they can change how big or small it looks. One way to make a small space look bigger is to use larger floor tiles or wall tiles which makes it look like the room is bigger than it is. Always opt for a light coloured tile in this instance along with a lighter grout to ensure the overall scheme is very bright and open. If you want to make a room look more cosy, darker tiles can do this and you can play around with smaller designs, or more intricate or loud designs, whatever suits your personal style. Tiling is very useful in changing the way the size of a room is perceived.


To Enjoy Making A Personal Statement

One of the most exciting aspects of using tiles in a room scheme is the fact they are so versatile. Tiling can be used in nearly every type of design project, it is durable and it comes in so many textures, sizes, materials and designs. It is also phenomenal because you can create your own personal design statement with it. Adding vintage floor tiles to an outdoors space, designer tiles to your bedroom, an ombre tile effect in your bathroom – you can make a unique design with tiling, making your home stand out from the crowd.

tiles in the home   designer tiles from Versace

Enjoy Easier Maintenance

Carpets are all well and good, but they do take more maintenance than most of us would like. Carpets trap dust, pet hair and all sorts of allergens and have to be hoovered daily in some households. Floor tiles however are so much easier to maintain. You can just sweep them, and clean up any mess as it happens. You can get away with a daily sweep and a floor clean with a mop weekly easily, if the room is used a lot, it might be less in some households. With a carpet if you spill something you have to use a carpet cleaner, scrub it, let it dry and probably repeat the process, sometimes to no avail. With tiles you just wipe them clean. Maintenance is just so much easier with tiled surfaces.


To Make Your Home More Valuable

Adding value to your home is possible when updating older surfaces with good quality tiles. Tiled areas durable, made to last years, attractive and easy to maintain, buyers are attracted to tiling as an investment and not just in the obvious places like the bathroom and kitchen. Increasingly hallways and living areas are also being tiled.


These are just some of the benefits of using tiling in the home. If you already have tiles you probably know of many more benefits. Happy designing!

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