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We all like to save money where we can but be careful about choosing cheap interior products because they can often be a false economy. Well-made, high-quality products for your home will not only last much longer than cheaper alternatives but they will look better; and are an investment in your home.

Invest in High Quality Interior Products

Invest in a beautiful kitchen or bathroom and you will benefit from the enjoyment of beautiful surroundings and from the satisfaction of indulging in quality products. If you eventually move house, the high quality fittings will also appeal to potential buyers.



Paying Less Doesn’t Always Save You Money


It’s tempting to rein in your spending when there is so much to spend money on in a new home but cheaper interior products are almost always lower quality – of course there are some good sale items at certain times of the year that contradict this rule, but on the whole a cheap product is just that, cheap. No matter how much the salesmen try and convince you otherwise. Even if the item looks good to start with it won’t stay that way for long – I’ve read numerous reviews lately about home products from well-known high street names that just don’t meet the standards we expect, and these aren’t even the very cheap end of the market.


Poorly made items could even end up costing you more money because they break or need repairing – how often have you had something that breaks just after its guarantee has run out?

So if you are bargain hunting check out online reviews for the products you are considering and if it is a genuine sale item then go for it. If not consider whether you really are saving money or not.



The Value of a Good Investment


Interior designers always advocate opting for the best quality you can afford – and for good reason – they know from experience that good quality items will not only last longer but stay looking good for much longer. And if you might be selling your home anytime in the near future then an investment in quality products is likely to increase the value of your home, especially when it is a permanent fixture such as a kitchen or bathroom.


I know of a house very similar to another, in the same road, that recently sold for 25% more because it had had the interior design “treatment”, and it showed. Large porcelain tiles on the floor in the kitchen from Neptune, limestone-effect porcelain tiles in a sleek wet room with Duravit fittings and a luxurious family bathroom all made it easier to sell for significantly more money. A kitchen and bathroom from a local DIY store could never have achieved that effect. High quality fittings make all the difference to a valuation and make a house more appealing to potential buyers, particularly if they have busy careers or a young family and do not want to tackle refurbishments themselves. Products like high-quality kitchen cabinets, basins, taps, and porcelain tiles will last you a lifetime.



Durability and Practicality


When it comes to walls and floors, the longest lasting items are also those that look the best. Cheap vinyl tiles on the floor and painted walls in a bathroom really don’t shout quality and will be difficult to maintain in the long term; the vinyl will scratch easily and start to lift, and the paint will start to peel, especially in the humid atmosphere of a bathroom. On the other hand porcelain tiles on the floor and walls will look as good in 10 years’ time as they do today with some simple care and maintenance.




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