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Annual interior design trends can be costly if we follow them all, and exhausting if we’re redecorating all the time. Here we look at how to use the trends for inspiration.

Should Interior Design Trends Influence Decorating?

Annual interior design trends are great, inspiring us in lots of different ways, helping us be creative and expressive with the aesthetics of our homes. However, if we follow these trends all the time they can be a source of negativity. They can cause us to spend more money than we can afford trying to keep up with them. They can push us to spend a lot of our time living in an unsettled home that is constantly being updated. They can also cause us to be competitive with others and dissatisfied with our homes no matter how modern they are.

Signs you are hooked on interior design trends:

  • You find yourself pre budgeting for your next decoration project even while you’re currently redecorating.
  • You never feel your home is complete, even when it is decorated and there’s nothing major that needs changing.
  • You find yourself self conscious about your home all the time, even though people compliment you on it.
  • You find yourself jealous of others who appear to have more modern homes than you.
  • Your family are tired of you constantly changing the home.


If any of these ring true, it’s time for you to consider how much interior design trends should be affecting your decorating. This is particularly true if adjusting your interior design has stopped being fun, and is now a source of negativity for you.

Here are some useful tips to help you integrate the trends, rather than have your decorating dictated by them completely:


Give Yourself A Timescale

For major redecoration that includes painting, placing floor tiles and getting new big pieces of furniture, give yourself a timescale that the decorating has to last for. For example; you’re redecorating the living room, and it has to stay like that for at least 1-2 years. That way you’ll make a real effort to ensure the items you choose are going to stay looking great for longer than the trends change.


Give Yourself A Good Neutral Base

With major changes like wall tiles, carpets and furniture stick with a strong neutral base. This will enable your overall look to be timeless, and enable you to add accessories on top with the trends if you want to. Neutral bases also provide versatility for any additional accessories you want to add on top as they go with everything.


Invest In Temporary Trend Items

Rather than buying the latest designer wall tiles or bold wallpaper, why not invest in more temporary items that you can swap and change without any disruption to the room. Cushions, quilt sets and curtains are great ways to get that seasonal print in your home, without spending lots of money and upheaving your entire house.


Consider Why You Feel You Need The Trend

Sometimes we can want any trendy item because magazines are saying it is trendy, not because you like it. Perhaps the magazine says wicker is completely out, and shouldn’t appear in anyone’s home, but you love your wicker footstool and log basket, you just feel you can’t have them because the magazine says they aren’t on trend. Thinking about your motivation for keeping up with the trends is important to identify whether or not it is really making you happy.


Consider Your Budget

Can you afford to keep up with the trends? You might want to but your bank balance is suffering for it, in which case it really isn’t worth having the latest look. Keep things neutral and natural and keep your bank balance looking great.


If You Love It, Go For It

If you do genuinely love following the trends and you can afford to do it – it is your house and your money after all so go for it!





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