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Some are naturals at interior design, others struggle. If you’re the latter, these top five tips for beginners will help you turn your house into the stylish home you’ve always dreamed of.


Top Five Interior Design Tips For Beginners


Some people are naturally great at certain skills like cooking, drawing, sports and of course, interior design. However, some of us simply don’t have that kind of natural ability and need education, guidance and sheer determination. Although it can be easy to decorate in its most basic form, turning standard wall tiles, paint and furniture into something beautiful, something personal, can be really hard. We might have the vision and struggle to bring that to life. Or we might not even be able to get that vision together and the entire process can seem impossible.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with this and the problem is, unless you have endless pots of money enabling you to hire an interior designer, or you are happy living in whatever decor the previous homeowner has left you (hideous floral carpets and all), you simply have to tackle it head on, and these tips will help you.

Here are the top five interior design tips for beginners:


  1. Make it personal

Your home does not need to look like a show home, or a picture from a catalogue. Let’s be honest, who really wants that anyway? When someone visits your home, they should feel like it is your home through its style and decor. The best way to achieve this is to ensure things important to you and things you like are the key themes of the interior design. Perhaps you are vegan and have vegetable print vintage wall tiles in the kitchen, or you love forest walks, and have pine cones and log baskets by the fire. Distance yourself from all the trendy bits and pieces in the shops (unless you like them of course) and stick to interior design that really is you. Its also a really great idea to mirror your interior design on your clothing style. So if you like big bold colours, use them in your home, or you love classic timeless outfits, stick to that style of decor. The way you dress can give you a great indication of the way your home should look.


  1. Work with what you have

Remember you can only do so much with what you have, so get to know the space really well. Every nook and cranny can be a space for something, or used in an interesting way. Understanding the limitations of the room is really important when it comes to interior design. It is also worth taking inspiration from outside the home. Bringing the outside in has been a key interior design trend this year. Taking inspiration from the tones, textures and style surrounding you in the city, countryside or by the sea can be helpful when you’re decorating.


  1. Be comfortable and practical

A sofa might be gorgeous to look at but if it’s horribly uncomfortable, it’s pointless. When you are choosing furniture, particularly practical furniture that will be used, think comfort and practicality first, before you get sucked into its stylish shape or gorgeous material.


  1. Stick to classic everything

Where possible try to stick to classic everything. Interior design trends that have stood the test of time have done so for a reason. Classic furniture shapes, tones and fabrics will make life easier for you when you are designing and help you create a strong base on which to build your more personalised accessories.


  1. Be minimalist

Obviously you don’t have to have an empty, cold feeling space, but it should feel spacious. Don’t make the mistake of overfilling your space with furniture, cushions and rugs – let the items breathe and keep the space minimal, you can always add more items later if you want to.


It Will Be OK!

Remember, you’re going to be just fine. Whether you’re choosing floor tiles, making an inspiration board, or choosing the perfect sofa to go in your living room – enthusiasm and determination will help you get there.




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