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It’s time to take a look at the latest Autumn/ Winter interior design trends. From industrial to Scandinavian, Vintage to all out glamour, we take a look at a few of the latest themes.

Incorporating Autumn/Winter Interior Design into Your Home

Autumn colours mosaic pebblesIf you like to keep on track with interior design trends throughout the year you’re in good company, as thousands of stylish home owners excitedly muse the latest offerings from the interior design world leading into Autumn/ Winter 2014.

Which designs will be the most popular this season? Will you be creating a sexy colour scheme with rich, beautiful scarlets and nearly-black blues? Or are you going to be embracing industrial detailing like clock parts, cogs and interesting metal ornaments? There are lots of different options for you to consider and there are plenty of beautiful finishes, materials and themes for you to browse for inspiration ready for the nights drawing in.


Sexy Colour Schemes

Winter can be a really sexy time for interior design as it often calls for deeper, richer colours and cosy, luxurious fabrics. Deep and beautiful scarlets can be used to create a seductive look. Scarlet looks particularly fantastic against more neutral surfaces like stone floor tiles. Dark blue (nearly black) is appearing everywhere in lots of designs and schemes, so it’s a safe bet if you want to keep on trend whether that’s with a selection of dark blue tasselled cushions to add a touch of luxury to your sofa, or a vertical panel of dark blue wall tiles to add a bit of sophistication and glamour to the overall theme of your bathroom.


Industrial fixtures and ornaments

Think about upcycling but in a much more industrial way. So you can expect to see lamps made of piping and cogs, and pieces of industrial metal and machinery turned into tables and accessories.



Vintage is still huge, and as homeowners get the knack of car boot and junk shop rummaging, the trend has taken a sophisticated turn away from the shabby chic themes seen earlier this year. Carefully selected rustic pieces are combined with more luxurious and polished pieces to create an overall more considered look.



Whether it’s grey polished porcelain floor tiles or bright silver ornaments and accessories, grey will be around for a while so it’s a good neutral to consider if you want your design to last. It’s also a great natural tone to provide a backdrop for more colourful pieces.



Gorgeous, organic patterns are still big business and you’ll have your pick of delicate, intricate patterns this winter. Expect more modern, geometrics combined with vintage pretty patterns.



This theme has been popular for a few winters in a row and it’s always good to invest in a few hand carved objects that bring a bit of unique fun to a room. Hand crafted materials are also popular and when the right pattern and material is chosen, a throw or rug can bring an entire room together.


These are just a few interior design themes for this Autumn and Winter, and as always, your home is personal to you so have some fun with it. At the very least new ideas and themes can serve as subtle inspiration for your own ideas, and at the very most you could have an entire scheme to follow enabling you to completely transform your home.

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