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Hiring an interior designer can be a bit of a minefield in terms of ensuring you get the right results. Here we look at ensuring success with an interior designer.

How To Ensure Success With An Interior Designer

If you are planning on investing in some changes to the interior of your home, you are likely to have considered whether or not an interior designer is necessary. Interior designers can be a great idea, ensuring you are happy with the results, and that you get the right look. Additional benefits are having all their experience, creativity and tips to provide you with resources, refined ideas and guidance.


What Qualities Should Your Interior Designer Have?

Look for somebody who first and foremost is qualified to do the job. Ideally they will have evidence of extensive training, which can be supported by experience in the job role. They should also have relevant experience in a project similar to the one you want completing. Following experience and qualifications you really should look for someone with a talent and creative flair, someone who is innately good at their job, not just someone who has learnt to do it.

Ideally, their style will also match your preferred style, i.e. a person with a focus on colourful flamboyant and ‘out there’ designs might not match your personal preferred natural, relaxed and modern style. Photos of previous projects should be able to help you quickly see what they can achieve. Another important thing to remember is that customer service really does matter. Unless there is one specific designer you want and nobody else will do, try to choose somebody who is communicative, who wants to answer your questions, and who returns all your calls. Don’t be afraid to ask them plenty before hiring them to test this out. References are another great way to check they are reliable and good to work with.

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Before You Hire

Before you hire the interior designer it is important to do your own research. You should have at least some idea of what it is you are trying to achieve. If you are redoing your kitchen, are you looking for an accent porcelain tile backsplash? Neutral floor tiles? A retro look? A way to make the room look bigger? If you’re getting your living area done do you want carpet, tile flooring or wooden flooring? Do you want your fireplace to stay as it is or would you like a new surround? Do you have a colour scheme you like (and ones you don’t like)?

Just like going to the hairdressers it helps to have pictures of what you do like and what you don’t like. You should also have an idea of budget and timescale. The more information you can provide your interior designer with, the better. If they are great at their job, they will ask you plenty of questions and work with you to create a phenomenal design.


Remember to take your time, and research thoroughly. When it comes to people changing the interior of your home, the match needs to be right because once they have been paid and move on to their next job, you’re left living with the results of the project. Happy decorating!

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