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Home is where the heart is, which is why interior design is so incredibly important.

Should You Do It Yourself? Or Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior design is not only related to how your house looks inside, but it also relates hugely to how functional your home is as well. A thoroughly considered layout, some unique and carefully selected decor and beautiful yet practical furnishings and finishings will give your home that special something, turning it into a modern, comfortable and on-trend haven for your family.

So if you are in the amazing position of building a new house from scratch, or you’re making over the house you currently live in, you should never consider interior design a low priority.

There are two main options when it comes to designing your home, you can either choose to give it a go yourself, or you can hire an expert to do it for you.

Giving the job to a qualified, experienced interior designer is most definitely the easiest, quickest and most convenient way to create a beautiful and functional home. However, with that expertise and experience comes a rather large bill when the job is done. And considering the fact that building a house or renovating a house is a pretty large investment, it’s not easy for everyone to budget in the money to hire someone for every single job.

If you design your interior yourself, you can of course save money – lots of money – but you can also end up spending more because you can miss certain areas of design that an expert simply wouldn’t. After all, interior designers don’t just offer experience, but attention to detail as well.

If you feel like you want a challenge and feel like you could design your home well, you should definitely give it a go. But it’s important you do allow a lot of time beforehand for research and self-teaching in theory and practical skills.

Consider investing in some magazines, books and papers on interior design and spend as much time as possible reading blogs and forums on interior design and remember to make notes on things you love and things you really don’t love. It could even be worth your while doing a small course in interior design if there’s a lot riding on the design results i.e. you’re selling a home after you have renovated it.

When you’re looking at different designs you should think about the current place you live, places you lived before and what you love about those places, and what you would change about them. For instance, if you loved the character of your old flat, but hated the white wall tiles in the bathroom and longed for more colour, or you really adored the detailed wallpaper at your first house but would have much preferred wooden flooring rather than carpet. You could also spend some time looking around friends’ homes speaking to them about their opinion on their home, asking them what they love about their home and what they would change if they were renovating.

If you know any estate agents they could be a great contact as they will see lots of homes on a daily basis and could show you examples of homes with stunning interior design.


Designing the interior of a house yourself can be done really well, as long as you take the time to do the research. In addition you must remember that it isn’t a definite that you will love the results of your hard work. This is why it is definitely a great idea to hire a professional if you feel unsure about your design skills at any point. They could also help you direct your vision if you have trouble making decisions or putting a look together.


An interior designer will be skilled in making the difficult decisions, considering the amount of space available to you, the lifestyle you lead, the amount of money you have to spend, your taste and your individual style. A good designer will ask you about every single detail, unless you trust them to take over completely.


Remember that interior design can involve lots of different jobs, from detailed architectural design, to sourcing rare fixtures and adding small trimmings to a room. So if you are considering hiring a designer, make sure you’re clear on what you actually want help with before you start searching for the right person for the job, particularly if you’re on a restricted budget.

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