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Moving in with your partner is amazing, but it can quickly become stressful when it comes to decorating together. Here are some great tips to help you decorate together stress free.

Great Tips For Couples Decorating Together

Moving in with your partner is amazing, but it can quickly become stressful when you realise that your interior design tastes aren’t quite as harmonised as your relationship. You might fantasise about the spare room being a gorgeous country cottage spare bedroom complete with antique rocking chair and open fireplace with gorgeous vintage porcelain tiles, whereas he has his sights set on it being the ultimate man-cave, complete with giant TV and recliner seats. Of course it should be expected that you won’t agree on every single design decision, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complete bedlam, you can work together and create a happy, beautiful home to suit you both.

Here are some tips to help you:

Be Ready To Compromise

This may seem really obvious, but many people don’t want to talk about the issue upfront for fear of arguing before they have even gotten started. Some people don’t even think it is going to be an issue. Talk about it before hand with a calm head, with your ego in check, and ready to compromise. You’re not going to get anywhere if you’re both wanting the chat to end up in a ‘win’ for your side. You will win if you reach a compromise you are both happy with.

Enjoy Finding Inspiration

When you have discussed the general uses and themes for each area, and have agreed to work together as a team, you can enjoy finding inspiration as a team. Make an online inspiration board together, save pictures in a shared folder, and every now and then take a look at the pictures you have both put in and talk about them. If you don’t like one of his pictures, explain why, and the same goes the other way round as well. It enables you both to understand absolute no-go’s with each other’s design taste and also helps you both unite on themes you love.

Enjoy Planning

Once you have discussed the key parts of your decorating plans, things can start to become fun. If either of you has a particular area that is ‘yours’ you can write down the bits and pieces you need to buy for that, and talk to each other about the budgets for both areas. When it comes to the areas for both of you, take pleasure in picking out the perfect pieces for each area, the perfect colour paint, the perfect porcelain tiles, the best TV you can afford, and agree on a budget for each room up front.

Shop Together

If you are both involved in the shopping process, there’s no room for arguments or accusations that someone has ‘snuck in’ something the other hates. Make a day of browsing flea markets, antiques shops, homeware shops and furniture departments and enjoy yourselves – you’re building your home together!

Spend The Most Time Considering Key Purchases

Items that cost the most, that are used by you both – the coffee table, dining table, sofas, TV etc – need the most amount of consideration. This might be another area vulnerable to arguments if you aren’t careful, but you can reach a compromise when you carefully consider practicality and image. Once you know the features you both won’t compromise on it becomes a lot easier to look for the right pieces.

Get Personal

Of course you want your home to be beautiful and look like it’s really been carefully considered, but, anyone can create a home that looks like it has come straight out of a catalogue. Consider things that have meaning to you both as a couple and think about how those things can be part of your space in some shape or form. Perhaps you both love vinyls, in which case you could have a beautiful record player in the room. Or if you have a particular holiday that meant a lot to you both, you could make a set of photos from the holiday to go on the wall.


Enjoy It!

As much as you might have the odd clash or argument about certain features, there really is space to enjoy the process. You’re sharing a space with the one you love, building a home together – that is exciting and romantic! Try to enjoy the process while its new and exciting and make some memories.



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