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Desire Purple - porcelain tiles in bathroom
For some people, the thought of using colour in the home is a terrifying prospect. Perhaps you go green at the site of a floral cushion, or your idea of being daring is using a pale grey paint in the living room.

Facing Your Fear of Colour in the Home

Whatever your reasons for avoiding colour at all costs, there is a way for you to use it within your interior design plan without it looking like someone has had a paint party while you were out (unless you fancy that!). And colour is a great way to add some originality to your home and prevent it looking bland and “over-designed”.

Here are some tips to help you face your fear of colour:


Neutrals are OK


There is nothing wrong with loving neutral, natural colour schemes. You can’t really go wrong and they work well in all interiors. However, to branch out a little why not consider one bold colour to add a bit of depth to the room? So along with your metals, woods and taupe linens you could add orange or blue. You don’t have to go mad with it either. For example if you have a neutral bathroom with white porcelain wall tiles, consider accessorising it with items in your chosen colour. Even a towel or a vase in your chosen colour will make a difference to the room, and if you don’t like it, remember you can always remove them.


Be bolder


Perhaps you’re a bit braver than the average colour-phobe, but you simply don’t know where to start when it comes to introducing colour to your interior. In this case, let loose and go crazy! Just taking the plunge with colour everywhere can work just as well as designing meticulously from scratch. Mix and match as many colours in small, inexpensive items as you want and see what happens, what have you got to lose? And when you have more confidence in your eye to match colours then you can be more selective and maybe go for some more expensive statement pieces.


For extra guidance think about the emotions you want to convey. Colours communicate feelings and emotions so what do you want your home to communicate to you and your visitors? Orange is a very vibrant, happy and excited colour, pastel blue is calming and the colour of seaside holidays, red is passionate, daring and dramatic. Which colours represent who you are? Or how you want to feel in your home?



Safe pairings


There are some shades and colours that will always be friends. Like black and white for instance, will always look great together and nothing can change that. If the base colours of your room are black and white you can then introduce a bold colour like bright blue or orange and it will work really well.


Other combinations create different looks, and it does depend on what is in style at the time as well, so do bear that in mind when you’re choosing. There aren’t really any combinations to avoid apart from red and black which can be a bit too garish and full on. If you like the idea of red and black try toning it down by using grey instead of black. Try putting colours next to each other to help you decide on what is right for your home or better yet, notice nice colour combinations on posters, magazine adverts, anywhere really and use it for reference.


Clashing is in


Don’t be afraid to clash, it’s definitely fashionable right now and will always personalise your interior style. A great place to introduce colour is in your bathroom, where you can have a neutral background of tiles on the floor and walls but introduce a range of accessories in different colours. Have fun with colour and remember you can always experiment with the guest bathroom or cloakroom if you’re not ready to try it out on the parts of the house you spend more time in!






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